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Read the latest radar detector tests, reviews, and articles.

How do experts evaluate radar detectors?

Different reviewers have different perspectives, and each reviewer evaluates radar detectors differently. A few examples:

  • tests on an 8-mile
    straightaway, with radar detection
    distances of 5 miles or more.

  • Speed Measurement Labs emphasizes
    instant-on radar and laser testing,
    performed by certified police officers.

  • Car and Driver tests on a 2.5 mile
    straightaway, angling the radar units
    to result in distances of 1 to 1.5 miles.

  • AutoWeek has its staff make real-world, subjective comparisons over normal commuting routes and a few longer trips, during months of actual use.

Of course, each reviewer has their own opinions about the importance of different features.

Some are interested in learning about every feature of every detector, some are just interested in maximum detection range. Some have strong preferences for particular detectors, some have a more open mind about new products and new features.

So who should you trust?

Remember, reviewers are just people - each reviewer has a different perspective. And of course, no reviewer is perfect. (Even the manufacturer of the $400 detector who insists that only Car and Driver magazine performs tests properly, admits that Car and Driver's testers "screw up sometimes.")

So don't take any one review as the final word. Do your research, and get a balanced opinion by seeing what all the reviewers have to say, and decide for yourself.

9500ix - Best Radar Detector for Avoiding Red Light Tickets

The PASSPORT 9500ix wins!
Best Radar Detector for Avoiding Red Light Tickets

Why it's best: Remember how the helpful people at the AAA office made up a vacation TripTik for your mom and dad and highlighted areas of known police presence? (Like all of the state of Georgia.) Fast forward to the 21st century. Now the Escort Passport 9500ix includes an updatable database of known photo radar sites and red light cameras and an embedded GPS receiver that warns as you’re approaching a danger zone.


9500ci - Best Installed Radar Detector and Laser Jammer

The PASSPORT 9500ci wins!
Best Installed Radar Detector and Laser Jammer

Why it's best: The Passport 9500ci includes every available advanced feature and is the only unit to incorporate the utility of GPS to identify false alarms and confirmed threats. The 9500ci uses a laser shifting technology to jam laser guns aimed at your vehicle. Increasingly, speeding tickets now come from laser speed guns, not radar.


9500ix - 2009 CES Award

The PASSPORT 9500ix WINS 2009 CES Innovations Award

The PASSPORT 9500ix (the most intelligent, fully automatic radar and laser detector ever designed) was awarded a 2009 CES Innovations Awards for In-Vehicle Accessories.
Honorees for the Innovations Design and Engineering Awards Showcase were selected by a preeminent panel of judges consisting of independent industry designers, engineers and journalists.


Popular Mechanics "90 percent less irritating than any other detector...a truly elegant idea." December 2008

Car and Driver December 2008 "Overall, the 9500ci is a bit like the Bugatti Veyron: darn expensive, but if you've got the money to spend, you won't be disappointed." Escort 9500ci Driver Experience Review - "I can honestly say that Escort has developed the most intelligent and 'super charged' performing radar detector/laser shifter that I have ever laid hands on!"

The Passport 9500i takes the next great leap forward. - June 2007

The Passport 9500i - Behold the next-gen radar detector. The Passport 9500i - This is awesome.

The Passport 9500i - You might was well have the best.

The Passport 7500 is packed with a unique array of features and technology not found in any other radar detector. The Passport 9500i - Editor's Choice Award in recognition of outstanding achievement in new product design and innovation. - CES 2007

When all was said and done, one unit emerged as the staff's favorite: Escort's Solo S2.
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With more sensitivity and range that Brand V, the Passport 8500 X50 is the only way to go.
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...the top of the pyramid for overall radar and LIDAR detection.
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The 'Top Dog' of radar detectors...the only detector to report constant on and instant on radar over the hill at the 2 1/2 mile cone. The Passport 8500 may be the best detector ever made.
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Escort's latest detector offers good performance and a long list of features - a good value.
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I'll keep using my Passport 8500 and Valentine One, both are excellent devices. With the 8500, you can drive in your normal manner and not worry about supporting a community's budgetary expenses. I want one for myself.
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Passport 8500 is every bit as sensitive as the some cases even better.
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The Valentine was trounced by the Escort model in Ka-band, which is growing in popularity.
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Escort has come up with a state-of-the-art detector - the Passport 8500. In the over-$200 category of high-end radar/laser detectors, the nod goes to the Passport 8500.
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Whether you choose Escort or Valentine, they offer genuine protection. The new Passport 8500's leading-edge technology raises the bar another notch in high-performance radar and laser detection - the World's Best.
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We found Passport 8500 the 'pick of the litter,' with the most useful features, and ferocious performance.
Valentine 1 has been able to name its price. But now there's a less expensive alternative, the Passport 8500, and ample independent test data indicates it's a serious contender.
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  The Passport 7500 is packed with a unique array of features and technology not found in any other radar detector.
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