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Entourage CIS FAQs

Q: What does Entourage CIS do?
A: Entourage CIS is a compact product that is installed within your vehicle to provide you with awareness of security threats and to provide you with tools to remotely locate it from a web site. Optionally, the GPS Monitoring & Recovery Service works with you to recover your vehicle, if ever stolen.

Q: How easy is it to locate Entourage CIS?
A: Once activated within your Network Account, locating Entourage CIS is easy. Log into your Network Account from Select Track this Device within the device banner of your Entourage CIS product, located on the Devices page. Or, go to the Tracking page and select your device from the device selection drop-down box. Press the Locate button. Within approximately 20 to 30 seconds, your Entourage CIS location will automatically display on the interactive map.

Q: What does arming and disarming mean?
A: Arming and disarming refers to the enabling or disabling of the Entourage CIS security features. While armed, Entourage security features are enabled. While disarmed, Entourage CIS security features are disabled.

Q: What is sharing?
A: The sharing feature allows you to share your Entourage CIS location, security features, and interaction with others. By sharing your vehicle location with others, you help them understand where you may be located, to help them make decisions. You control the permissions for each friend and may revoke the Entourage CIS sharing relationship at any time.

Q: What is the GPS Monitoring & Recovery Service?
A: This is an optional service that you may subscribe to, to be instantly notified of possible vehicle theft and is able to provide you with timely help to ensure effective and prompt recovery, if stolen.

Q: Why should I consider subscribing to the GPS Monitoring & Recovery Service?
A: Similar to a home alarm system, the GPS Monitoring & Recovery Service incorporates an instant trigger that notifies live alarm operators when theft occurs. This provides the highest probability of a successful recovery. Subscribing may also qualify you for insurance premium discounts.

Q: How does MyPass™ automate Entourage CIS security features?
A: Your MyPass™ key fob identifies you to Entourage CIS when you are within proximity of your vehicle. MyPass™ has a range of about ten to 30 feet, depending on the installation and vehicle type. When Entourage CIS detects your MyPass™ key fob wirelessly, it automatically disarms. When you leave your vehicle and walk away, the wireless connection is broken whereby Entourage CIS automatically arms. This feature automates the security feature of Entourage CIS.

Q: How long does the internal backup battery last if Entourage CIS is disconnected from my vehicle's power system?
A: The internal backup battery has a life of approximately 2 days before it is discharged. This operating life depends on the amount of tracking life. If you have a location schedule operating, this will shorten the run-time, similar to how a cellular phone standby battery life is affected with 'talk time'.

Q: Can I use Entourage CIS in my commercial vehicles?
A: Though Entourage CIS was not specifically designed for commercial vehicle use, it is able to provide location and security awareness. Entourage CIS is compatible with both 12VDC and 24VDC vehicle electrical systems.

Q: Can I use Entourage CIS my motorcycle and / or scooter?
A: Yes, you can use Entourage CIS with your motorcycle or scooter. Escort recommends Entourage CIS for motorcycle or scooter owners who ride regularly. Please be aware that Entourage CIS consumes approximately 20 mA of current from your motorcycle or scooter battery when you're not riding. This battery draw will slowly reduce your battery voltage and may affect its ability to start your bike or scooter. Entourage CIS can notify you when your battery is low so that you are able to run your motorcycle or scooter in order to charge the battery. Entourage CIS can also notify you when your battery is drained so that you know to externally charge it either by boosting it with another vehicle or by using a trickle-charger.

Q: Can I add mulitple key fobs to my Entourage CIS?
A: Yes multiple key fobs can be added to a device, (up to a maximum of 10). In fact, if a device has been disarmed because a key fob is in proximity, you will be able to identify which Fob, (or Fobs), it is, (your daughter is driving the car and not your son). Also, a key fob can be associated with multiple vehicles.

Entourage CIS FAQ POST-purchase


Q: Who should install my Entourage CIS?
A: Entourage CIS installation is very straightforward, requiring only 2-wire power cable connection and mounting. Any automotive dealer, automotive service center, or aftermarket automotive installer can perform the installation. The installation can also be performed by confident do-it-yourselfers.

Q: Where should I install Entourage CIS?
A: There are many locations to install Entourage CIS. First, look for a location that is away from moving parts of your vehicle and in a discreet location with convenient access to vehicle power. Next, make sure that Entourage CIS will not be subjected to hot temperatures. You should make sure that Entourage CIS is conveniently installed such that if you ever need to remove the device, that it does not require a great deal of effort. Make sure you have approximately 6 inches (15 cm) of clearance between the top of Entourage CIS (the button-side) and any metallic or carbon fiber object.

Q: What is the Network Account used for?
A: The Network Account is an account that you create online that provides access to your Entourage CIS product. Entourage CIS must be activated within your Network Account, once it has been created. Creating a Network Account takes only a couple minutes.

Q: What does Online and Offline mean?
A: Online indicates that your Entourage CIS device is wirelessly connected to the Blackline Network. It has sufficient battery capacity and wireless signal coverage to operate. You may request locations and the device is prepared to operate from a security perspective. Offline indicates that your Entourage CIS is not communicating with the Blackline Network and is not available for location requests or provide security features. Reasons that your Entourage CIS product may show as offline include it not yet being active, a drained vehicle and internal backup battery, or it being located in a position without sufficient wireless signal coverage.

Q: What does "Timeout, could not calculate a location" mean?
A: If your Entourage CIS is within wireless communication coverage and your Network Account reports "Timeout, could not calculate a location", your Entourage CIS is located in an area of weak GPS signal coverage and is not able to compute a location. Consider configuring a schedule to ensure that when your Entourage CIS is able to compute a location. When a new location becomes available, it will be stored within your Network Account's Event History, located on the Tracking page. If you believe that your Entourage CIS will be moving from the weak GPS signal coverage area in the near future, please try again soon.

Q: How long will my vehicle's battery power the Entourage CIS if I do not drive my vehicle to keep it charged?
A: The duration of run-time depends upon the capacity and health of your vehicle's battery. Compact passenger vehicles typically have a smaller battery than larger vehicles such as sport-utility vehicles or trucks. Though it is difficult to provide firm operating times due to a variety of conditions, such as battery capacity (size), health, environmental temperature, on average, a healthy compact vehicle battery should provide approximately 3 weeks of run time without compromising the ability for the vehicle to be started. Larger vehicles typically require more starting current and though their batteries are larger, provide approximately the same battery life.

Q: What do I do if I want to update my payment information?
A: Please contact Blackline GPS Customer Care at 1-866-859-4118.

Q: How do I track the location of Entourage CIS if I need to know its location frequently?
A: For special situations, you may desire to have a continually-updating display of your Entourage CIS / vehicle location. To accommodate this type of need, press the Continuous Tracking button on the Tracking page for the device you wish to track. The first location request takes approximately 20 to 40 seconds.

Q: Is there a way to automate tracking of my Entourage CIS for when I'm not in front of my computer?
A: Yes, you can configure a schedule that automates tracking for when you're not able to manually request a location. To configure a schedule, log into your Network Account and click the Schedule link in the navigation bar. On the Schedule page, choose the tracking interval, the duration, when the schedule should begin, and press the Save button. The history can be pulled from up to 6 months back at this time. It will show vehicle speed at each "sampled" location that it stores if the vehicle was moving.

Q: How do I pair my MyPass™ key fob with my Entourage CIS?
A: When your Entourage CIS has been activated, pairing of your MyPass™ key fob(s) occurs within your Network Account on the Preferences Page. Your Entourage CIS must be Online, indicating that is it powered and connected to the Blackline Network through its wireless communication. Pairing MyPass™ to Entourage involves entering the serial number located on the back of the fob and a name. The pair process occurs wirelessly through the Blackline Network to your Entourage CIS. You are notified when the pairing process is complete.

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