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Entourage PS FAQs


Entourage PS FAQ top 10 Post Purchase

Q: How can I get the best battery life from my ESCORT Entourage PS?

A: Depending on your usage, consider turning ESCORT Entourage PS off when not in use. Your ESCORT Entourage PS battery life depends on how many locations that it provides before the battery is empty. Consider using a less frequent schedule - using a schedule to automate tracking decreases battery life by operating the internal GPS receiver more frequently. Consider charging ESCORT Entourage PS on the go using the included vehicle charger accessory.
Q: Where should I stow ESCORT Entourage PS within my vehicle?
A: There are many locations to place ESCORT Entourage PS within your vehicle. First, look for a discrete location that is away from moving parts of your vehicle. Next, make sure that ESCORT Entourage PS will not be subjected to hot temperatures. You should make sure that ESCORT Entourage PS is conveniently placed such that if you ever need to remove the device, that it does not require a great deal of effort. Make sure you have approximately 6 inches (15 cm) of clearance between the top of ESCORT Entourage PS (the button-side) and any metallic or carbon fiber object.
Q: What is the Network Account used for?
A:  The Network Account powered by Blackline GPS is an account that you create online that provides access to your ESCORT Entourage PS product. ESCORT Entourage PS must be activated within your Network Account, once it has been created. Creating a Network Account takes only a couple minutes.
Q: What does Online and Offline mean?
A: Online indicates that your ESCORT Entourage PS device is wirelessly connected to the Blackline Network. It has sufficient battery capacity and wireless signal coverage to operate. You may request locations and the device is prepared to operate from a security perspective. Offline indicates that your ESCORT Entourage PS is not communicating with the Network and is not available for location requests or to provide security features. Reasons that your ESCORT Entourage PS product may show as offline include it not yet being active, a drained vehicle and internal backup battery, or it being located in a position without sufficient wireless signal coverage.
Q: What does "Timeout, could not calculate a location" mean?
A: If your ESCORT Entourage PS is within wireless communication coverage and your Network Account reports "Timeout, could not calculate a location", your ESCORT Entourage PS is located in an area of weak GPS signal coverage and is not able to compute a location. Consider configuring a schedule to ensure your ESCORT Entourage PS is able to compute a location. When a new location becomes available, it will be stored within your Network Account's Event History, located on the Tracking page. If you believe that your ESCORT Entourage PS will be moving from the weak GPS signal coverage area in the near future, please try again soon.
Q: Do I have to wait until the battery is empty before recharging my ESCORT Entourage PS?
A: You do not have to wait until the battery is empty before recharging ESCORT Entourage PS. You may charge the product at any time. ESCORT Entourage PS comes with a convenient vehicle charger accessory that is helpful to keep ESCORT Entourage PS charged at all times.
Q: What do I do if I want to update my payment information?
A: Please contact Blackline GPS Customer Care at 1-866-859-4118.
Q: How do I track the location of ESCORT Entourage PS if I need to know its location frequently?
A: For special situations, you may desire to have a continually-updating display of your ESCORT Entourage PS / vehicle location. To accommodate this type of need, press the Continuous Tracking button on the Tracking page for the device you wish to track. The first location request takes approximately 20 to 40 seconds. Additional locations will automatically stream every 10 seconds, for up to 10 minutes, and automatically display on the map.
Q: Is there a way to automate tracking of my ESCORT Entourage PS for when I'm not in front of my computer?
A: Yes, you can configure a schedule that automates tracking for when you're not able to manually request a location. To configure a schedule, log into your Network Account and click the Schedule link in the navigation bar. On the Schedule page, choose the tracking interval, the duration, when the schedule should begin, and press the Save button. The history can be pulled from up to 6 months back at this time. It will show vehicle speed at each "sampled" location that it stores if the vehicle was moving.
Q: How do I configure my alerting preferences so that I'm aware of security threats or the system's ability to notify me of other conditions?
A: Log into your Network Account and click the Preferences link in the navigation bar. Press the Alert Preferences button and the Preferences page will display the Alert Preferences form. You may configure two each of email and text message notifications. By default, when entering either an email address or mobile phone number, you are subscribing to the Tamper (vibration) alerts and GPS security perimeter breach alerts. Optionally, you may configure additional settings below, such as Pet Mode, Network Log-on Notification, and others. When entering mobile phone numbers, ensure that they are 10-digit phone numbers that include your area code. Please note that the country code of "1" is not required. From the drop-down box to the right of the mobile phone number, select your carrier from the drop-down box. If your carrier is not present in this list, please contact Blackline GPS Customer Care at 1-866-859-4118.

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