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What is the Best Radar Detector from Escort?

The best radar detector is the model that will provide you with the features that specifically match your individual driving needs. Only ESCORT® provides multiple award winning solutions, the best radar detector, for specific individual needs. If you need absolute maximum performance, the best radar detector available is the ESCORT RedLine long range radar and laser detector. For the latest technology and HD (High Definition) performance, the best radar detector is the PASSPORT Max digital DSP (digital signal processing) detector. And for all-around driving, the world's first GPS internet-ready detector, the best radar detector for you is ESCORT's PASSPORT 9500ix intelligent radar and laser detector. Finally, for drivers on the go, the best radar detector is the cordless Solo S3 - cordless convenience, corded performance. No matter which ESCORT radar detector you choose (all major industry award winners), you will drive worry free knowing that your choice is the best detector available. Drive smarter with the best - ESCORT.

What are the differences between your radar detector models?

Our current models that include the GPS module can automatically learn and block out fixed position false alarms and incorporates an updatable safety camera (red light and fixed position speed cameras) database. They can vary radar sensitivity based on your vehicle's speed, permanently Block out false alerts by location and specific frequency, and you can Mark locations in its memory to provide a reminder as you approach those locations, and other great features.

The Passport 9500ix, Passport iQ, Passport 8500 X50 and the Smart Radar have similar detection range. While range depends on environmental factors, under most driving conditions, the powered detectors provide significantly longer range on K and Ka band radar than our cordless detector, the Solo S3. The cordless Solo S3 offers the best radar detection range of any cordless model on the market. Laser performance is essentially the same on all models.

The following models are not compatible with the Escort Live social networking system: Passport iQ and the Solo S3


Yes! Radar detectors are completely legal to use in non-commercial vehicles in 49 states. Virginia and Washington DC are the only places in the United States that currently ban radar detectors. Radar detector use in commercial vehicles has been prohibited in the U.S. since 1995 and radar detectors are also illegal in most Canadian provinces. We do not track detector regulations in other countries.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) provides these definitions for commercial vehicles:
Commercial motor vehicle (CMV) means a motor vehicle or combination of motor vehicles used in commerce to transport passengers or property if the motor vehicle-
(a) Has a gross combination weight rating of 11,794 kilograms or more (26,001 pounds or more) inclusive of a towed unit(s) with a gross vehicle weight rating of more than 4,536 kilograms (10,000 pounds); or
(b) Has a gross vehicle weight rating of 11,794 or more kilograms (26,001 pounds or more); or
(c) Is designed to transport 16 or more passengers, including the driver; or
(d) Is of any size and is used in the transportation of hazardous materials as defined in this section (49 U.S.C. 5103).

Gross combination weight rating (GCWR) means the value specified by the manufacturer as the loaded weight of a combination (articulated) vehicle. In the absence of a value specified by the manufacturer, GCWR will be determined by adding the GVWR of the power unit and the total weight of the towed unit and any load thereon.

Gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) means the value specified by the manufacturer as the loaded weight of a single vehicle.

Should I be concerned about radar detector detectors?

U.S. non-commercial drivers should not be concerned at all unless you drive in Virginia or Washington DC. If you do drive in either of those places, are a commercial driver, or drive in Canada, please note that while all of our current detector models are immune to the VG-2 radar detector detector (RDD), all of our radar detectors except the RedLine and Passport 9500ci can be detected by a newer RDD named Spectre.

Do you ship radar detectors outside the United States?

We do not ship outside the U.S. and Puerto Rico. If your billing address is outside the United States, we can take your credit card order by telephone if you can provide a shipping address within the U.S. or Puerto Rico. Please call us at 800-964-3138 to place your order.

Escort Inc. does not monitor radar or laser frequencies outside North America. Please contact our international distributors for information on international speed measuring laws and frequencies. For products designed for use overseas, please use the following link to find the International Distributor closest to you other than the U.S.

Can I mount my detector on my sun visor?

We generally do not recommend mounting detectors on the sun visor because the dark tint at the top of most windshields significantly reduces laser detection range, and the GPS-powered features of the Passport 9500i will not function if satellite reception is blocked. So, we do not include a visor mount as a standard accessory. While not recommended, we do offer an optional visor mount for some model that can be seen by clicking this visor clip link.

As a rule of thumb, a lower detector mounting position is better for laser and a higher position is better for radar. But, in most vehicles, the difference in height between the top and bottom of the windshield is not enough to make any perceptible difference in radar reception.

Do window treatments affect performance?

Windows with color tinting will primarily affect laser performance and will reduce the range for alerts. Standard tinting at the top of the window should also be avoided as this will reduce laser performance. Windshields that are treated with metal particles will also affect radar performance and GPS satellite communications significantly. In most cases there is a small area of the window that is not treated for garage door openers, toll booth EZ Passes and radar detectors. See vehicle owners manual or dealer for details. Windows that have an anti-lacerative coating will not affect performance, but the suction cups might mar the coating.

Does your factory warranty apply if I do not purchase directly from Escort?

Warranty does not apply to your product under any of the following conditions:

  1. The serial number has been removed or modified.
  2. Your product has been subjected to misuse or damage (including water damage, physical abuse and/or improper installation).
  3. Your product has been modified in any way.
  4. Your receipt or proof-of-purchase is from a non-authorized dealer or internet auction site including eBay, uBid, or other non-authorized resellers.
  5. You are not the original purchaser of the radar detector from an authorized dealer or did not receive it as a gift from the original purchaser of the radar detector from an authorized dealer.