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GPS Recovery and Monitoring Service in concert with your ESCORT Entourage CIS

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Price: $119.95/year

Optional purchase available when you activate your device.

GPS Monitoring & Recovery Service

When activating your new ESCORT® Entourage™ CIS, consider subscribing to the GPS Monitoring & Recovery Service. It's your guarantee of maximum convenience, efficiency and peace-of-mind.

Instant theft detection

Unlike other services, GPS Monitoring & Recovery Service is triggered instantly. If your vehicle is ever stolen, Entourage CIS notifies you directly by email and text message (SMS). Simultaneously, the recovery center is contacted, and you will receive a call from a live person to verify your vehicle's status so the recovery process can begin immediately.

Your MyPass™ makes it happen

The MyPass™ key fob included with your Entourage CIS system conveniently automates its security features. Every time you leave your vehicle, the MyPass™ automatically and wirelessly arms your Entourage CIS, and disarms it when you return. If your vehicle leaves its GPS security perimeter without your MyPass™ present, you are instantly notified through mobile alerting via email and text message. If you subscribe to the GPS Monitoring & Recovery Service, the recovery process is triggered instantly.

Confidence counts

When your vehicle goes missing, every minute matters. With GPS Monitoring & Recovery Service, you can be assured of the highest levels of quality and experience. And with many insurance carriers offering discounts to customers with permanently-installed theft systems, subscribing to the GPS Monitoring & Recovery Service is the best way to safeguard your investment.

How it works

1. Subscribe to the GPS Recovery and Monitoring Service when you activate your Entourage CIS device.

2. Provide your personal information and details about your vehicle to the service.

3. Should your vehicle leave without you and your MyPass™ key fob, the GPS Recovery and Monitoring system will be instantly alerted that your vehicle has been compromised.

4. You will receive a call from a recovery and monitoring specialist to confirm the theft. If a theft is confirmed, the recovery program will take over your account and work with the nearest authorities to recovery your vehicle while you remain in safety.

5. With a little paperwork from the Police Department, your insurance company and the recovery service, you'll have your car back in no time.

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