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Solo RD-5110 Troubleshooting

SOLO will not turn on when Power Button is pressed.

  • Check to make sure batteries are not missing.
  • Batteries may need replacing.
  • Batteries may be installed improperly.

SOLO beeps briefly at the same location every day, but no radar source is in sight.

  • SOLO is functioning properly. An X-band motion sensor or intrusion alarm is located within range of your route. With time, you will learn predictable patterns of these signals.

SOLO does not seem sensitive to radar or laser.

  • Make sure that SOLO's radar antenna is not blocked by windshield wipers or solid objects or that the laser lens is not behind tinted areas.
  • Determine if your vehicle has an Instacleartm, ElectriClear®or solar energy reflective windshield which may deflect radar or laser signals.
  • SOLO may be in City Mode.

SOLO did not alert when a police car was in view.

  • VASCAR, a stopwatch method of speed detection, may be in use.
  • Officer may not have radar or laser unit turned on.

SOLO did not provide a Safety signal at a hazardous road condition, railroad crossing or while within range of an emergency vehicle.

  • Safety transmitters may not be commonly used in your area.

SOLO alerts for Ka radar when no radar source is in sight.

  • Falsing on this band is virtually non-existent. Take all Ka alerts seriously. There may be an instant-on radar source out of sight. Only a small number of products operate in the Ka band which may cause an occasional false alert.

Signal Meter registers but no audible alert sounds.

  • SOLO is probably in City mode where X-band alerts are purposefully reduced.

SOLO's display is not working.

  • Briefly press the Dim button to deactivate Dark Mode.

SOLO's audible alerts are less loud after the first few alerts.

  • SOLO is in AutoMute Mode.

All Signal Meter lights flash occasionally and SOLO "bleeps" twice each time.

  • SOLO's batteries are low. Replace batteries.

SOLO bounces or sags on windshield.

  • SOLO is not making contact with the windshield to provide stability. While holding down SOLO's EasyMount button, slide SOLO further back toward the windshield so that the back top edge makes firm contact.
  • Suction cups may be worn and need replacing. To order a replacement windshield mount or suction cups, call 800-964-3138.

SOLO no longer provides the full test alert when turned on.

  • You have inadvertently bypassed the test alert. To re-engage full test alert, press and hold the Mute button at the same time you are turning SOLO on.