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How do experts evaluate radar detectors? Different reviewers have different perspectives, and each reviewer evaluates radar detectors differently. A few examples: tests on an 8-mile
straightaway, with radar detection
distances of 5 miles or more.

Speed Measurement Labs emphasizes
instant-on radar and laser testing,
performed by certified police officers.

Car and Driver tests on a 2.5 mile
straightaway, angling the radar units
to result in distances of 1 to 1.5 miles.

AutoWeek has its staff make real-world, subjective comparisons over normal commuting routes and a few longer trips, during months of actual use.

Of course, each reviewer has their own opinions about the importance of different features.

Some are interested in learning about every feature of every detector, some are just interested in maximum detection range. Some have strong preferences for particular detectors, some have a more open mind about new products and new features.

So who should you trust?

Remember, reviewers are just people - each reviewer has a different perspective. And of course, no reviewer is perfect. (Even the manufacturer of the $400 detector who insists that only Car and Driver magazine performs tests properly, admits that Car and Driver's testers "screw up sometimes.")

So don't take any one review as the final word. Do your research, and get a balanced opinion by seeing what all the reviewers have to say, and decide for yourself.