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Escort Enhances Radar Detector Performance with 'In-Vehicle Technology Filter'

Select Escort models integrate new technology to minimize false alerts from collision avoidance systems, blind spot monitoring and other in-car systems

From Escort Radar

April 11, 2016

WEST CHESTER, Ohio, April 11, 2016 - Escort, Inc., held by Cedar Electronics, today announced its new In-Vehicle Technology (IVT) Filter™, which reduces false alerts from IVT sources such as collision avoidance systems and lane departure warning systems. The new IVT Filter is now integrated into select Escort models for increased alert accuracy and detection.

Many car makers equip various vehicle models with IVT systems, which covers a range of technologies developed for the purpose of improving vehicle safety and security. These active systems operate on the same frequency as police radar systems and can cause false alerts in radar detectors. Devices typically use either a camera or radar technology to detect threats or for vehicle-to-vehicle communications, vehicle-to-computer communications and damage mitigation techniques. This new automotive technology arena currently includes devices for monitoring electronic stability control, remote speed sensing, blind spot monitoring, collision avoidance systems (CAS), back-up and parking aids, driver alertness monitoring, pre-crash alerting and lane departure warnings.

The Escort IVT Filter virtually eliminates IVT interference by employing sophisticated software algorithms to identify each car manufacturer's unique fingerprint in order to reduce or reject erroneous signals while maintaining high performance threat detection. Escort, the industry leader in performance and anti-falsing patents, regularly refines anti-falsing software and provides customers online access to updates.

Current Escort models with IVT include the Escort Max 360 and Passport Max2.

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ESCORT is the leading manufacturer of high-performance radar and laser detectors and the patented ESCORT Live™ real-time ticket protection network. ESCORT manufactures products under the ESCORT, PASSPORT, Max, REDLINE, SOLO, Pro and BELTRONICS brands. The company is headquartered in West Chester, Ohio, with its principal manufacturing facility located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Escort is held by parent company Cedar Electronics; a leading global supplier of mobile and consumer products possesses a portfolio of industry leading brands including Escort, Beltronics and Cobra Electronics. Additional information about Escort, Inc. is available at