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July 9, 2014

ESCORT Inc., the industry leader of radar detection technology, announced that its multi-award winning ESCORT Live™ real-time ticket protection network smartphone app has now shared more than 22 million 'saves' - a major industry milestone.

West Chester, Ohio July 9, 2014 -- ESCORT Inc. (, today announced another major milestone for its class, leading ESCORT Live™ ticket protection app - the 22 million save mark. In addition this week, the firm also launched its nationally advertised annual "Drive Into Summer" event.

“Summer is the time for people to hit the road.”

Since its award-winning release, ESCORT Live™ has been providing app users unmatched radar and laser ticket protection while they drive. And now, ESCORT Live™ is featured in the "Drive Into Summer& event which gives customers a convenient and cost-free opportunity to try ESCORT Live™. The 22 million save milestone is key because an ESCORT Live™ 'save,' now available to anyone using the app, is defined as a successful advanced radar or laser speed gun warning passed to the driver from the ESCORT Live™ cloud.

"Summer is the time for people to hit the road," said Ron Gividen, ESCORT Public Relations Director. "With our Summer Driving event, we are helping drivers get the chance to experience our award-winning driving app designed to personally deliver revolutionary radar and laser ticket protection," he added.

Using real-time, cloud-based threat and information sharing between app users on their smartphone (iPhone and Android), ESCORT Live™ alerts drivers to potential speed traps and upcoming red light and speed cameras. For those who track statistics, the app now has directly helped drivers know in advance more than 22 million times of upcoming traps and speed guns.

With the ESCORT Live™ app operating on their smartphone, networked drivers are continually safeguarded against radar and laser ticket threats even before they are in range of enforcement guns. And now, offered in the promotional Summer Driving event, customers receive the ESCORT Live™ subscription and Bluetooth-enabled power cord free, with the purchase of an ESCORT Live™ compatible detector ($99 value).

Named 'best new product, SEMA,' Popular Mechanics Editor's Choice, and a Car and Driver Top Ten Most Promising New Technology, ESCORT Live™ continues to receive extensive national market exposure. ESCORT Live™ continues to demonstrate its magnitude of importance to literally millions of drivers as the number of shared alerts and in-network data continues to expand.

For more information about ESCORT Live™ and ESCORT's complete line of premium automotive accessories, visit or call 800-964-3138.

About ESCORT Inc.
ESCORT Inc. is the designer and manufacturer of the world's most awarded radar and laser detectors, the patented ESCORT Live™ real-time ticket protection network, PASSPORT® Max™ HD radar detector and other Drive Smarter products. ESCORT holds more than 85% of all active category patents and manufactures products under the ESCORT, PASSPORT, REDLINE, SOLO, BELTRONICS and Pro Series brands.