MAX CI Platform


The ESCORT MAX Ci Platform has been re-structured with the consumer in mind; giving them the flexibility to completely design a system that will be most beneficial to their driver alert needs. All while still maintaining the same performance as the  ESCORT MAX 360 Ci.

 The ESCORT MAX Ci Platform comes equipped with a bright multicolor OLED display, controller, GPS antenna, interface, front radar and laser detector receiver and Bluetooth® enabled connectivity. Leaving you the option to completely customize features such as ShifterMAX laser shifters (compatible with up to four laser shifters), and the optional rear radar sensor to add directional radar.

The ESCORT MAX Ci Platform also comes with the ESCORT connected experience which offers real-time intelligence and alerts via the crowdsourced ESCORT Live™ a community filled with millions of users and DEFENDER® database filled with a database of red light & speed camera locations to keep you alert even in unfamiliar territories.

Max Ci is  available from ESCORT Authorized Specialists.


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