When it comes to equipping your vehicle with radar detectors, ESCORT offers some of the best solutions on the market. However, without a mount, it can be challenging to find an accessible location in your car to put it. ESCORT offers a variety of radar mounts to make mounting your radar detector easier and more convenient.

The EZMag Mount is one of ESCORT’s most popular offerings. It holds onto your compatible detector magnetically via the anchor plate, so your detector is always secure but accessible. You can remove it easily by grasping it and pulling it off. The StickyCup silicon suction cup adheres securely to the windshield, giving you a reliable and stable connection between your windshield and the detector.

Other mounts include visor clip mounts, and platform mounts so you can secure your radar detector anywhere that works for you.

If you ride a motorcycle, mounting your radar detector can be even more difficult, because you have limited space. ESCORT provides a variety of options for you. The Motorcycle Control Mount series gives you an easy way to secure your radar detector via strong bungee cords and non-slip rubber buttons.

Other options for motorcycles include handlebar mounts and stem mounts to suit your preferences and needs.

With extra accessories like StickyCups, suction cups, detector accessory kits, and install kits, you can find everything you need to mount and secure your radar detector for easy use every time you drive. ESCORT offers superior solutions to keep your equipment safe.