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Escort Passport iQ Combines GPS With Radar Detection

November 15, 2010

This multi-use gadget has just about everything you need

Tecca, Michael Arcand

There are radar detectors, and then there are real radar detectors. The Escort Passport line of radar detectors is a high-end, high-quality line of products. There's no doubt about that. But with the release of its latest creation, the Escort Passport iQ, Escort takes radar detection to a whole new level.

You ain't seen nothin' yet
This device is like a multi-tool for your car. Initially, yes, it's a radar detector. But when you add in features like bluetooth for hands-free calling, GPS maps with red light and speed camera locations, and speed alerts... well, it just doesn't get much better than this. It's also mounted like a GPS unit to the dash, rather than the windshield. Throw in a 5" display, and the visual aspects of this device come alive.

Radar vs. laser: the Passport iQ solution
Traditionally, when it comes to radar detectors, consumers have had to make a decision to between scanning for radar or laser speed traps. With the new technology in this baby, you'll be able to do both at the same time. As of right now, Escort is the only one with this type of technology on the market.

Maps like the back of your hand
Okay, maybe these maps aren't quite as detailed as the back of your hand. But the information that is available through Escort's Defender Database subscription is phenomenal. It's an award-winning service that provides information on safety camera and speed trap locations. This information can then be displayed on the navigation screen while driving. The Passport iQ has built-in USB support, so downloading Defender Database updates is a snap. The service is free for 90 days after you purchase the device.

Don't talk to me like that!
One of the best features ever incorporated into any GPS unit is the voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation system. Long gone are the days when drivers had to take their eyes off the road to glance at the navigation screen. This product also features lane assist, which can save you from getting caught in the wrong lane on a multi-lane highway. Ever miss that turn because you were in the wrong lane? You don't have to any more.

The price is right
Keep in mind that this is an Escort product. Also keep in mind that no one else has a product on the market with all of these features. And let's face it, speeding tickets are not cheap, either. So what's it going to cost you to get one of these bad boys for your car? The suggested retail price is $650. While this might seem like a lot, don't forget about Escort's free 30-day test drive on all of its products. You'll get that with the Passport iQ, as well. By then, you should know if this device is a fit for your needs.