Range (Community)

The bottom line is...the further in advance you receive an alert, the more time you'll have to react. Therefore, range is often considered the most important feature in a radar detector, and with good reason. Radar detectors built with higher sensitivity such as ESCORT result in earlier alerts, which allows you to react sooner. In radar detector speak, this is commonly referred to as "performance". But what if the range could extend beyond the detection area of a single radar? Well, as an added feature found only in ESCORT products, you are also able to connect to the ESCORT LiveTM. ESCORT Live is our community of drivers on the road sharing their alerts with each other automatically, taking our already impressive performance and compounding that to a truly limitless range.


When you get an alert, you depend on it to be accurate. ESCORT knows this and we developed our patented GPS technology to locate the location and frequency of the radar signal. We are the only radar on the market with directional arrows, and features such as AutoLearn, which allows ESCORT GPS enabled detectors to automatically lock-out false alerts.

The most common customer complaint radar detector users have about standard detectors is that "it is too noisy" or "it beeps too much". This is why our engineers developed the technology to keep that beeping to a minimum, so you know when you hear our alerts, they are real and accurate.

This is why our engineers developed the IVT Filter™ and Auto Learn® to keep that beeping to a minimum, so you know when you hear our alerts, they are real and accurate. Our patented solution still leads the industry in anti-falsing technology allowing for a quieter ride.

Once you have Limitless Range and Accuracy working together, you can drive confidently and with the freedom knowing that you own the road.


ESCORT Live provides an exclusive community network for the road by connecting drivers with alerts to help them drive smarter. The number one feature that drivers are looking for in a radar detector is long range. ESCORT products have long range individually, but we knew that our customers we are discerning and would always be looking for more. That is why we decided to take it off the road and to get it into the cloud. Our community of drivers are connected with cloud-sourced technology that combines both actual detector/sensor alerts and crowd-sourced contributed alerts. This means our detectors long range just became limitless. It's simple…the plurality of ESCORT Live community alerts will always provide greater "range" than the singularity of alerts from one competitor's detector.

You may see claims that some radar detectors have "better range" than Escort products, but a single unit will never approach ESCORT's "range" when it comes to the ESCORT Live community, which is why we are still America's #1 rated radar detector brand.

There is strength in numbers, and Escort's numbers are growing each day with new users reporting and contributing to the cloud.

Patented Technology

ESCORT products use patented technology to eliminate false alerts and connect products to the cloud & community.

Radar detectors are legal in 49 states for passenger vehicles.
The only exceptions are Virginia and the District of Columbia.