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Detector Owner's Manuals

ESCORT SmartCord® Live
ESCORT SmartCord® Live Quick Reference Guide - iPhone
ESCORT SmartCord® Live Quick Reference Guide - Android
ESCORT SmartCord® Live Owner's Manual - iPhone
ESCORT SmartCord® Live Owner's Manual - Android
ESCORT SmartCord® Live DirectWire Quick Reference Guide - iPhone
ESCORT SmartCord® Live DirectWire Quick Reference Guide - Android

Windshield Mounted Detectors
Passport Max Quick Reference Guide
Passport Max Owner's Manual
Passport iQ Quick Reference Guide
Passport iQ Radar Detector / GPS Navigation
RedLine Radar Detector
Passport 9500ix Quick Reference Guide
Passport 9500ix Owner's manual
Passport 9500i Radar Detector
Passport 8500 X50 Black Radar Detector
Passport 8500 X50 Radar Detector
Passport 8500 Radar Detector
Solo S3 Cordless Radar Detector
Solo S2 Cordless Radar Detector
Passport SC55 with Detector Kit
Passport SC55
Passport 7500S Radar Detector
Passport 7500 Radar Detector
Solo Cordless Radar Detector (RD-5110)
Escort C65
Passport 6800 Radar Detector
SmartRadar Quick Reference Guide - iPhone
SmartRadar Owner's Manual - iPhone
SmartRadar Owner's - Android

Custom Installed Systems
Passport 9500ci with Laser ShifterPro Owner's Manual
Passport 9500ci with Laser ShifterPro Installation Manual
Laser ShifterPro Upgrade Installation Manual
Passport 9500ci Remote Owner's Manual
Passport 9500ci Remote Installation Manual
Passport 8500ci Owner's Manual
Passport 8500ci Installation Manual
Passport 8500ci Plus Owner's Manual
Passport 8500ci Plus Installation Part 1
Passport 8500ci Plus Installation Part 2
Passport Qi45 Owner's Manual
Passport Qi45 Installation Manual
Passport SRX Remote Owner's Manual
Passport SRX Remote Installation Manual
Passport SRX Installation - C6 Corvette
Passport SR7 Remote Owner's Manual
Harley-Davidson Road Tech 75 Owner's Manual
Passport SR1 Remote Owner's Manual
Passport SR1 Remote Installation Manual
Shifter ZR3 Remote Owner's Manual
Shifter ZR3 Remote Installation Manual
Shifter ZR4 Remote Owner's Manual
Shifter ZR4 Remote Installation Manual
Laser ShifterPro Owner's & Installation Manual
Escort SmartMirror2 Manual
Escort SmartMirror User's Guide
Escort SmartMirror Installation Guide
Escort SmartSite Owner's Manual
Escort SmartSite Mini Owner's Manual
Entourage PS User's Guide
Entourage CIS User's Guide
Entourage CIS Installation Guide
QuickStart Installation Guide
QuickStart Quick Reference Guide
Guardian Alert Owner/Installation Manual
Vue™ Dealer Pro Series

Mobile Media

Escort MediaFlair

Radar and Laser Detector
Service Information

Escort Radar Detector Service Procedure
Troubleshooting: Passport 7500 Detector
Troubleshooting: Solo Cordless Detector
Troubleshooting: Passport 6800 Detector

Technical Articles

Escort: The Truth About Speed Enforcement
Escort: How Traffic Radar Works
Escort: Common Radar Operator Errors
Escort: Why Radar Gets Wrong Readings Jamming Ol' Smokey
Scientific American: Gotcha!

Radar & Laser
Traffic Enforcement Related

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety
Federal Communications Commission
NMA: Consider Fighting Your Ticket
NHTSA: Traffic Law Enforcement Technology
Office of Law Enforcement Standards
Radar Test Blog
The Speedtrap Exchange
U.S. Radar Detector Laws

Vehicle Performance Meter
Owner's Manuals

G-Timer GT1 Owner's Manual
G-Timer GT2 Owner's Manual
G-Timer GT2 Metric Supplement
G-Timer GT2 Software Manual

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