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ESCORT Inc. Announces New Automotive Safety Product: ESCORT Guardian Alert® Reverse Obstacle Detection

ESCORT Continues Premium Automotive Accessory Product Line Expansion With New Guardian Alert® Doppler Radar Reverse Obstacle Detection System.

West Chester, OH January 27, 2010 -- ESCORT Inc., a leading manufacturer of premium automotive electronic accessories, announced today the continued expansion of its world class product line by entering into a new licensing agreement with Sense Technologies Inc. ("Sense Technologies"). Under the agreement, a new line of reverse obstacle detection systems will be added to the ESCORT product portfolio under the brand name ESCORT Guardian Alert®.

ESCORT - Don't Just Drive ... Drive Smarter
ESCORT - Don't Just Drive ... Drive Smarter
"We are excited to be able to continue the expansion of our award winning products offering comfort and security which enable our customers to Drive Smarter. Now we are offering back-up obstacle detection with our new ESCORT Guardian Alert®," said John Larson, ESCORT President/CEO. "We see Guardian Alert® enhancing our ability to serve customers more fully by giving them superior obstacle and presence awareness," he added. Guardian Alert® uses Doppler Radar to provide customers the most accurate and thorough detection of obstacles in their path when operating their vehicles in reverse.

The partnership between ESCORT and Sense Technologies allows ESCORT to offer another leading edge product that improves the customer's driving experience. "By merging the industry leading expertise of Sense Technologies with the brand recognition of the ESCORT name, both our firms and our customers win," said Larson. "The companies will substantially increase their product presence and market penetration. Our customers benefit by seeing the ESCORT brand name which reminds them of their experience using ESCORT's award winning products and gives them immediate confidence in the new Guardian Alert® Detection System."

Customers are familiar with the ESCORT brand name, repeatedly seen as a category winner in other automotive product areas including radar detectors, red light and speed camera database applications and outstanding consumer electronics customer service.

The message around the new ESCORT Guardian Alert® Reverse Obstacle Detection System is straightforward. Drivers typically know there is potential risk when backing up - private and professional drivers make every effort to be diligent in checking when backing up. Yet, in spite of their best efforts to prevent them, backing accidents are still commonplace accounting for approximately 500 fatalities each year, most involving young children. Everyone knows of stories about drivers backing over a bicycle, a pet, or worse, a child. Compounding the problem, the number of vehicles with large blind spots to the rear, such as SUVs and vans, are becoming more, not less prevalent, their increasing numbers raising the overall risk involved with driving in reverse. The new ESCORT Guardian Alert® gives drivers a tool that dramatically reduces the risk associated with this everyday event.

Competitor systems typically use ultrasonic sound waves or cameras. The danger is that each of these technologies possess inherent weaknesses that can lead to complete failure or worse, can give the driver a false sense of security that these systems are protecting them. These systems have huge "holes", detection areas that are large enough for an adult to not be seen when backing up. And these technologies can be subject to failure due to weather and road debris issues such as sleet, rain, snow, mud, dust and dirt. The new ESCORT Guardian Alert® Reverse Obstacle Detection System avoids all of these issues by using Doppler microwave radar which provides excellent performance in all environments.

"ESCORT is one of the foremost leaders in the automotive electronics industry and the ESCORT brand name instantly brings to consumers' minds the perception of award winning performance," said Bruce Schreiner, President of Sense Technologies Inc. "I am excited that we are putting Sense Technologies to work with ESCORT in marketing our driving safety products, the best automotive products available for reverse obstacle detection."

For more information about the new ESCORT Guardian Alert® Reverse Obstacle Detection System, call 800-964-3138 or visit

About Sense Technologies Inc.
Sense Technologies, Inc. develops and markets backing awareness products for safety. For additional information, visit

About ESCORT Inc.
ESCORT Inc. is the leading manufacturer of high-performance radar and laser detectors, GPS enabled navigation and tracking products and other Drive Smarter products. ESCORT manufactures products under the ESCORT, PASSPORT, REDLINE, SOLO, Vector and BELTRONICS brands. The company is headquartered in West Chester, Ohio with its principal manufacturing facility located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

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