SmartCord Live Plug & Play: iPhone/Android


The following detectors are compatible with SmartCord Live: PASSPORT 9500ix, PASSPORT Max, PASSPORT X70, RedLine, and Beltronics GT-7

SmartCord Live is a revolutionary power cord that provides easy access, via Bluetooth, to the ultimate real-time ticket protection network - ESCORT Live. Add SmartCord Live to your compatible ESCORT or Beltronics detector and you'll be connected to other detector owners on the road. Imagine millions of scouts giving you miles of advanced warning for speed traps and other traffic related threats. Simply add SmartCord Live, download our app to your smartphone, and get instant access to the most powerful ticket protection network imaginable!

ESCORT SmartCord® Live Quick Start Guide - Apple

ESCORT SmartCord® Live Quick Start Guide - Android

ESCORT SmartCord® Live Instruction Sheet

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