Dual 12 Volt Lighter Socket Adapter

Two cords, one cigarette lighter? We have the solution!
Two cords, one cigarette lighter? We have the solution!
Need to plug in two accessories and only have one socket? This is a frequent problem for many travelers. Now you can connect both your detector and your cell phone charger, simply use our Dual Adapter. Conveniently allows two 12 Volt accessories to be plugged into one lighter socket.

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  • Author: Doug K
    This is one little gadget that is a true lifesaver! I needed to be able to power up a GPS in my company vehicle but I also wanted to use my radar detector while I was on the road. Since it was not my car I could not direct wire one of the gadgets into the fuse box so that I could use the cigarette lighter for the other. Both would need to be powered off of the one and only cigarette lighter.

    Luckily this very affordable little adapter allows me to take my one power source and make it two without modifying the vehicle. I can now run both things at the same time while I am on the road so there is no more conflict between my gadgets!