G- Timer GT2 Serial Cable and Software

For the G-Timer GT2 only.
For the G-Timer GT2 only.
For the G-Timer GT2 only. Requires Windows Based computer operating on Windows 98 or newer with serial port, 166 MHz minimum processor speed, 20 MB free space on hard drive. A source of 12-volt DC is also needed to power the G-Timer.

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  • Author: Denver L
    Everyone knows the serious driver understands everything there is to know
    about his or her car. The G-timer is the ultimate tool for learning just how
    well your car performs so that you can really understand how to drive it to
    get the best performance possible.
    To use the G-Timer you have to be able to get the data from the unit to your Windows based computer.

    Since this is such a specialty cable I wanted a backup in case I misplaced the one I already had. Really driving my car has not been the same for me since learning more about it using the software to evaluate how my particular vehicle operates. If you have a performance vehicle and a G-Timer GT2 I would highly suggest hooking yours up and seeing what you can learn.