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After you have registered your detector and created a download account, login to download the latest Detector Tools. You will have 90 days of free access to Defender™ Database updates, starting from the date you registered. Defender™ Database updates after that time will require a subscription.

Once you have installed the latest Detector Tools, your detector can be kept up to date with current firmware versions and camera database locations from your computer at home.


  • Products designed for use in North America will come pre-loaded with the NA Defender™ Database. The NA models should be registered for North America to receive the correct Defender™ Database updates. Models designed for use outside North America should register their products for the applicable region. Please be sure to register your overseas product with the region you prefer. Once you have registered you will not be able to download or install a Defender™ Database update for a different region.

  • Detector Tools requires a Windows based computer (operating on Windows XP SP3 or newer), or Mac (operating on OS 10.6, 10.7, or 10.8 only), with an active Internet connection.

  • All Passport 9500ix detectors with serial numbers starting with "19" require a 12 volt power source as well as the USB cord to be able to update from Detector Tools. You can power these detectors in your vehicle and then connect to a laptop, or you can use a 12 volt power adapter in your home or office and connect to a desktop computer. Serial numbers above 19 will not require a 12 volt source and will be powered by the USB cable for updates.


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