Repair Info and Pricing



Repair Pricing:  For in-warranty repairs, there is no charge to you, other than shipping the item(s) in.  For out of warranty repairs, please see below for general cost information.



Tier 1 repair ($39.95);

  • Covers outer case replacement, speaker replacement, software updates and other minor issues. *only 1 issue is covered at this price. For multiple issues, please consider Tier 2 or 3 repair level.
  • Tier 2 ($99.95);
    • Covers any reported internal issue
    • 90-day warranty
    • Paid return shipping
  • Tier 3 (Premium) Service ($139.95);
    • Covers any internal reported issue
    • Full inspection and testing along with any additional necessary repairs
    • Sensitivity check and calibration if necessary
    • Software updates
    • Replacement cord and mount
    • Return shipping paid
    • Full 1-year factory “bumper to bumper” warranty

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To set up repair services, please call us at 800-543-1608, option 2 on the menu.