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REDefine the Road

ESCORT Redline 360c

We didn’t raise the bar. We shut it down. The ESCORT Redline 360c stealth radar detector sets the new technical standard for driver alert systems. 2X the range. 360° directional awareness. 100% stealth. Get ready to REDefine the road.

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The Complete Driver Alert System

ESCORT MAXcam 360c

Reveal the road ahead with the MAXcam 360c, Escort’s complete driver alert system that turbo boosts your road awareness with the perfect blend of hardware, software, and community. Maximize your drive with a system that is engineered for excellence.

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The Connected Car Realized

With the new HARMAN Spark from AT&T and the MAX 360c MKII, you'll realize the vision of a truly connected car with a dedicated 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot. Increase your Road IQ with real-time and shared driver alerts along with Impact Detection, Vehicle Health, Location Based Services and more.*

* New or existing AT&T subscription required

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Installed Detectors

Custom & Discreet

Our roster of custom-installed radar and laser detection systems give you the ability to be tactful at any price point. Choose which features suit you best and expand as you go. A fully discreet solution to keep you alert no matter the road ahead.

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Advanced Technology

ESCORT Community

We’ve engineered the most accurate detection technology in the world and paired it with our exclusive driving community that allows drivers to share and receive alerts through the app or when any ESCORT detector senses a threat.

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Drive Smarter® App

Get the perfect blend of hardware, software, and community with your compatible Escort devices and the Drive Smarter® app. Download and join the Drive Smarter® community today!

Trade In Program

Stay up to date with the latest in ESCORT driving technology. We’ll buy back your old detector and give you credit towards your new one.

Limited Ticket Guarantee

Building award-winning radar detectors means building confidence. So much confidence that we’ll pay your radar or laser speeding ticket. *Limited Ticket Guarantee applicable to Redline 360c, MAXcam 360c, MAX 360c/360/3, and iXc.

Price Match Promise

All our customers deserve to enjoy our technology with the confidence that they received the best price. Find a better advertised price online for any current ESCORT portable premium model radar and we’ll match it within 30 days of purchase.

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping on all orders $99 and up. We want you to focus on the road, not how much you’re paying to get your detector.

Drivers Have Spoken.

ESCORT is the Autoweek Readers’ Choice for best radar detector.

"I almost never climb into a car I’m driving without my radar detector: the ESCORT MAX 360c"

Gear Patrol
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"’s the best radar detector on the market."

Gear Patrol on the MAX 360c
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"…a machine with all the latest and greatest in tech."

Gear Patrol on the MAX 360c
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"“ not only picked up every threat that the other detectors missed, but got smarter in the process.”"

Forbes on the Redline 360c
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"“The Escort’s capability and advanced feature set are worth that money, and the unit will pay for itself if it helps the driver avoid just a couple of tickets.”"

Forbes on the Redline 360c
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