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Portable Radar Detectors

Our premium radar detectors are loaded with the features you need to drive smarter. Hands-free Wi-Fi capabilities, 360-degree GPS-based Auto Learn Technology, IVT false alert filtering, blind spot and traffic flow monitoring—all in a portable device.

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Wi-Fi enabled. Full 360° protection.

Regular price $649.95 $599.95

The ESCORT MAX 360c is the first driver alert system designed specifically for connected cars. Automatically connect to the ESCORT Live® app for 8 million monthly alerts from 3.5 million drivers—no smartphone required.

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The smartest and most accurate driver alert system


The ESCORT iXc is the impressively engineered successor to the iX. With increased detection range, precise anti-falsing technology, and Wi-Fi capabilities, the iXc delivers—helping you drive smarter.

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iXc and M1 Bundle

Advanced Detection + Video Protection

Regular price $649.90 $549.90

Impressively engineered, the iXc carries on the tradition of the iX to help you drive smarter. Combine with the new ESCORT M1 dash cam, which seamlessly integrates with your ESCORT radar system by utilizing the same power source and mounts.

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Secure The Road Ahead

Award winning. High performance. Connected. Stay aware with red light, speed cam, and live law enforcement notifications. Our patented filtering system rejects false alerts and cuts through the noise so you can focus on what’s in front of you.

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Go Stealth. Drive Undetected.


The ESCORT RedLine EX is built with proprietary TotalShield Technology. The system is completely undetectable and features a dual-antenna design, GPS AutoLearn, and access to the ESCORT Live app.

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Bundle with ZW5 for $300 Off

ESCORT Max 360

True 360° protection


The ESCORT MAX360 provides full 360° protection against all potential ticket threats. The forward and rear facing dual antenna system provides pinpoint precision to accurately indicate the direction of the threat.

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PASSPORT 9500ix Platinum

Intelligent decisions for each alert


The PASSPORT 9500ix Platinum radar detector provides all the information you need to stay alert and drive smarter. View laser band, signal strength, and vehicle speed right on screen during each alert to make the best possible decision.

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Early warnings and the fastest response


The ESCORT X80 utilizes high performance laser sensors to provide maximum warning, long-range protection, and early alerts against all radar bands including conventional and instant-on guns.

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