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We offer premium, high-performance radar detectors and driver alert systems that help you drive smarter and safer.

With alerts for your speed, speed limits, radar and laser signals, red light or speed camera locations and more, you'll have all the relevant information you need at your fingertips.

Shop our collection of detectors, driver alert systems, dash cams, and laser shifters.

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Escort MAX 360c mounted to windshield

Portable Radar Detectors

Our premium radar detectors are loaded with the features you need to drive smarter. Hands-free Wi-Fi capabilities, 360-degree GPS-based Auto Learn Technology, IVT false alert filtering, blind spot and traffic flow monitoring—all in a portable device.

Escort MAX 3 radar detector video thumbnail
 Escort MAX 360c and M1 dash cam mounted to car windshield

Dash Cams

The ESCORT M1 is the only dash cam designed to seamlessly connect with your ESCORT detection system. Complete with Wi-Fi connectivity, app support, and continuous loop recording, you’ll never drive alone.

Escort Laser shifter discreetly installed in front of vehicle

Laser Shifters

Our advanced laser shifters are discreet, simple to install, and offer the ultimate protection against all variable pulse rate speed guns—helping you drive safer and more aware.


We’ve designed the most accurate driver alert system in the world. Paired with the power of ESCORT Live, you have the ultimate in driver protection. Our exclusive driving community allows you to share and receive real-time alerts through the app or when any ESCORT detector senses a threat.