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Dash Cams

Escort dash cams like the M2 are the only dash cams that seamlessly integrate with your Escort radar detector. With clear Full HD 1080P video resolution, built-in GPS, and advanced safety features, your drives will be protected.

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M2 Radar-Mounted Smart Dash Cam

Protect Your Drive

Build a complete driver alert system by pairing the M2 smart dash cam with your compatible Escort radar detector. Easily manage your device settings, features, and video footage, all from the Drive Smarter app.

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Your Video Guardian

Protect your drive with the M2 radar-mounted smart dash cam – the perfect companion for your Escort radar detector. Featuring clear Full HD 1080P video resolution, the M2 dash cam offers peace of mind on your drives with seamless integration with the Drive Smarter® companion app.

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Enhance Your Drive with
Top-Notch Dash Cams

Enhance your driving experience with ESCORT's state-of-the-art dash cams. Tailored to offer more than just recording capabilities, our dash cams, such as the notable M2 model, are engineered to work seamlessly with your ESCORT radar detectors. This integration provides a comprehensive safety system that not only captures every detail in Full HD 1080P but also enhances your situational awareness while on the move.

Seamless Integration for
Comprehensive Protection

Our dash cam for car models are uniquely designed to complement and connect with your existing ESCORT radar system. The M2 dash cam, known for its crystal-clear video clarity and built-in GPS, integrates directly with the Drive Smarter® app, providing real-time alerts and recordings that are easily accessible from your smartphone. Whether you're navigating the busy city streets or cruising on the highway, our dash cams offer peace of mind with every mile.

Advanced Features
for Every Driver

  • High-Definition Video Capture: Record every critical moment with Full HD 1080P resolution ensuring detailed footage under all driving conditions.
  • GPS Integration: Our GPS dash cams not only track your route but enhance the functionality of your radar detector, providing location-based data to enhance alert accuracy.
  • Smart Connectivity: Connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth; our dash cams offer convenient options for viewing and transferring footage directly to your devices.
  • Parking Mode: Stay protected even when parked. Our dash cams with parking mode monitor your vehicle’s surroundings while you're away.

Why Choose ESCORT Dash Cams?

ESCORT dash cams set themselves apart by offering advanced safety features that go beyond simple recording. Integration with our radar detectors allows for enhanced driver alerts and data collection, making these dash cams the ultimate co-pilots for both everyday commutes and long road trips. Experience the future of vehicle surveillance and safety with our innovative line of dash cameras.

Your Ultimate Driving Companion

Our car dash cams are more than just cameras; they are sophisticated driving companions that enhance your vehicle’s safety. With features like GPS tracking, wireless connectivity, and direct integration with your radar systems, ESCORT dash cams offer unparalleled protection and convenience. Opt for ESCORT's dash cams and transform how you view and interact with the road.

Whether safeguarding against unexpected incidents or capturing breathtaking scenic drives, ESCORT dash cams are your reliable partner on every journey. Embrace enhanced protection, superior technology, and peace of mind with every drive. Choose ESCORT — where innovation meets road safety.