Laser Shifters

Laser Shifters

ESCORT offers the newest in laser shifting technology, allowing you to protect yourself against even the new variable pulse rate guns. This valuable defense system targets laser guns to help you drive with safety and awareness.

Laser shifters use wireless communication between sensors and radar detectors. Some, like the ZW5, are simple to install and need a compatible radar detector for smooth operation. Others, like the ZR5, recommend a professional installation to connect with up to four laser shifters for 360-degree protection.

The ZW5 laser shifter can connect with up to two radar detectors for simple installation and advanced protection. You can purchase the ZW5 to direct wire into your vehicle or get the 12-volt SmartCord separately. It plugs into your cigarette lighter accessory outlet for convenience and ease of use.

The ZW5 is compatible with many radar detectors, also available from ESCORT, including MAX 360c, MAX 360, and REDLINE EX. Compatibility with MAX, MAX 2, ESCORT iX, PASSPORT, X70, X80, and Belltronics GT-7 is coming soon.

The ZR5 is arguably the best laser shifter on the market. It gives you full protection with the ability to connect to four radar detectors at once and compatibility with all of the same great devices as the ZW5. The discreet installation keeps your ZR5 out of sight and keeps your eyes on the road. It also offers downloads of the most recent threat locations.

Try a laser shifter from ESCORT today for premium protection and a safe driving experience.