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Driver Alert! Radar Traffic Flow Sensors keep spreading!

Traffic Flow Sensors

Once again, ESCORT sets the standard to eliminate false signals by developing proprietary TSR software for our industry-leading detectors.

Radar based traffic flow sensors are spreading. These roadside mounted sensors use radar signals to measure traffic flow which is used for personal navigation device traffic data. They are not used to issue speeding citations. To a detector owner these traffic sensors are extremely annoying. In Ohio alone, there are 1,000's of traffic sensors in place.

Traffic flow sensors transmit strong K band signals for one half of one second approximately every minute. Given these sporadic transmission cycles, you may or may not detect the signals each time you drive the same route. If you are getting strong, false K band alerts about every mile on certain highways, then you are probably already experiencing these traffic flow sensors.

There is good news!

In the tradition of ESCORT providing innovative detection solutions, our engineers developed proprietary Traffic Sensor Rejection (TSR) software to eliminate those annoying false alerts! If you have purchased an ESCORT detector within the last year then you probably have Escort's proprietary TSR on your Escort detector.

The latest ESCORT detectors which include our proprietary TSR software are:
Passport iQ, Passport 9500ix, Passport 9500ci, RedLine, Passport 8500 X50 and Passport Qi45.

Because these sensors are not in all markets, TSR is disabled by default on our detectors. To enable TSR, or to see if your detector has TSR software, simply:
1. Enter the Preferences section
2. Under "Bands" scroll to TSR and select "on".

If TSR is not listed in "Bands" then you do not have TSR installed.

Would you like to have TSR on your existing detector?*
We add TSR to some recent models - Click here for details
*Upgrade your ESCORT detector w/ TSR - get a FREE SuperCup mount ($19.95 value - limited time offer)

Call the Drive Smarter Experts to see if TSR can be upgraded on your detector or for more information about TSR and our TSR-equipped detectors:
800-964-3138 | Monday - Friday | 8 AM to 6 PM Eastern

Other detectors on the market do not use the proprietary ESCORT TSR software; they do not filter out these and many other false alerts. Donít just drive... Drive Smarter with intelligent radar detectors from ESCORT.