Are Radar Detectors Legal in Oregon

Are radar detectors legal in Oregon? Absolutely! But there are some nuances depending on the type of vehicle.

Today we visit the specifics of radar detector regulations in Oregon, covering usage in both private and commercial vehicles, and also highlights where these devices are banned in the United States.

We also provide guidance on how best to mount radar detectors in your vehicle and introduce you to some of the top picks from Escort Radar.

Drivers often question the legality of radar detectors in various states. Are radar detectors illegal in New Mexico? Or are radar detectors legal in VA? At Escort Radar, we explore these important questions.

What this article covers:

Oregon Radar Detector Laws

Knowing the laws saves you from pesky fines and unnecessary mistakes. To this end, the following section outlines the specific regulations surrounding the use of radar detectors in Oregon.

Private Vehicles

In Oregon, private vehicle owners have the freedom to use radar detectors. This includes not just cars but also motorcycles and personal trucks.

The purpose behind allowing radar detectors in private vehicles is to increase driver awareness and promote safer driving habits by reducing the likelihood of speeding.

Similarly, are radar detectors illegal in Oklahoma? And are radar detectors illegal in Louisiana? They are also legal there.

Commercial Vehicles

For those operating commercial vehicles in Oregon, the use of radar detectors is prohibited. This category includes trucks, buses, taxis, and any vehicle utilized for business purposes.

The rationale is to enforce compliance from professional drivers. Violating this prohibition can lead to significant fines and penalties, not just for drivers but also for their employers.

radar detector legal in oregon

In Which States Are Radar Detectors Illegal?

The legal status of radar detectors varies from state to state across the U.S.. It is vital information for drivers who frequently travel across state lines.


Radar detectors may not be used in the state of Virginia. This strict stance is part of an effort to reduce speed-related accidents.

In this region, police are equipped with radar detector detectors, which can identify vehicles using radar detectors. If you're driving through Virginia, it's best to comply with this law to avoid hefty fines and legal issues.

Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. prohibits the use of radar detectors in all vehicles, whether private or commercial. Our findings show that if you are caught using a radar detector in Washington D.C., you can face significant fines.

Mounting Radar Detectors In Oregon

In Oregon, while radar detectors are legal in private vehicles, there are no specific state laws governing the mounting of these devices.

However, it's advisable to mount your radar detector in a location that does not obstruct your view of the road, such as on the windshield or dashboard.

Our research indicates that improper mounting can lead to distractions and potentially hazardous driving situations.

Best Radar Detectors

Learn about the premier radar detectors offered by Escort Radar. Here, we review the standout features and advantages of our models, guiding you to make an informed decision.

ESCORT Redline 360c

The ESCORT Redline 360c stands as a pinnacle of radar detector technology, designed to be completely undetectable by radar detector detectors like the VG-2 and Spectre.

Beyond stealth, the Redline 360c offers comprehensive 360-degree radar detection, advanced filtering against false positives, and exceptional range.

Its built-in Wi-Fi connects to the ESCORT Live app, providing real-time alerts from other users so that you are always ahead of the curve.

ESCORT MAXcam 360c

Combining safety and technology, the ESCORT MAXcam 360c integrates radar detection with a high-definition dash camera.

oregon radar detector laws

This dual functionality not only assists in avoiding speed traps but also records driving incidents, providing an extra layer of security.

With AI-assisted filtering, GPS for location-based sensitivity, and Emergency MayDay alerts, the MAXcam 360c is an essential tool for any driver looking for safety.


The ESCORT MAX 360c MKII updates our classic model with an enhanced dual-antenna platform and a new Blackfin DSP chip, improving both the range and the response speed of radar detection.

It's equipped with dual-band Wi-Fi for seamless updates and integrates easily with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto through the Drive Smarter app, making it a tech-savvy choice for modern drivers.


Our ESCORT MAX 360 MKII delivers robust radar and laser detection capabilities, thanks to its dual-antenna design that effectively captures signals from multiple directions.

Bluetooth connectivity allows the device to link with the Escort Live app, enhancing your driving experience with crowd-sourced traffic updates and alerts, making it a reliable companion for everyday driving.


The ESCORT MAX 3 is ideal for drivers who demand high performance and reliability.

It features premium range detection, AutoLearn technology to minimize false alerts, and Bluetooth connectivity for real-time interaction with the ESCORT Live network.

Based on our observations, its OLED display provides clear and detailed visual alerts, notifying you about your surroundings without being distracted from the road.


Our discussion today covered the legality of radar detectors across different vehicle types in Oregon, highlighted regions where these devices face bans, and offered insights into proper mounting techniques.

We provided insight into radar detector placement for safety and compliance, and introduced several top-tier models from our product lineup.

Choose Escort Radar for unparalleled quality and innovation in radar detection. Visit our online store today!

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