Are Radar Detectors Legal in TN

Are radar detectors legal in TN? We're here to guide you through it.

This post investigates the specifics of Tennessee's laws regarding radar detectors, the optimal mounting practices within the state, and provides an overview of where these devices are not permitted in the US.

We will explore Tennessee's regulations on radar detectors, differentiating between commercial and private vehicles. We'll also advise you on the best practices for mounting radar detectors in your vehicle to comply with state laws.

Furthermore, we will list the states where radar detectors are considered illegal before reviewing the best radar detectors available.

What this article covers:

Tennessee's Laws on Radar Detectors

Are Radar Detectors Legal In Commercial Vehicles?

In Tennessee, the use of radar detectors in commercial vehicles is illegal. The state prohibits the use of these devices in vehicles over 10,000 pounds.

The legality extends across all commercial vehicles regardless of their weight or purpose.

Are Radar Detectors Legal In Private Vehicles?

In Tennessee, private vehicle owners are free to use radar detectors. The state does not impose any restrictions on the use of these devices in non-commercial vehicles.

This means that drivers can employ radar detectors to stay informed about their driving environment and to help manage their speed.

However, while legal, it's important for drivers to install their devices properly. The radar detector should not be placed in a way that obstructs the driver's view of the road. Tennessee law emphasizes safe driving practices, and proper mounting of radar detectors contributes to this.

Optimal Mounting of Radar Detectors in Tennessee

Mounting radar detectors properly in Tennessee keeps you compliant with state laws and optimizes the device's performance.

To ensure safety and legal compliance, drivers should mount their radar detectors in a position where they do not interfere with the driver's line of sight.This means placing the device low on the windshield or on the dashboard.

It is important to select the right radar mounts for your specific radar detector model and your vehicle's design for maximum effectiveness and adherence to Tennessee regulations.

In Which States Are Radar Detectors Illegal?

Our findings show that radar detectors are not universally legal across the United States. In fact, they are outright illegal in two specific jurisdictions. Drivers traveling to or through these areas need to be aware of these regulations to avoid fines and other penalties.

Let's outline the specifics of these laws.


In Virginia, radar detectors are illegal. Virginia remains one of the only states where the use of radar detectors is prohibited for all vehicles.

The state enforces this law stringently, with penalties including fines and potential confiscation of the radar detector.

Washington D.C.

Radar detectors are also illegal In Washington D.C.. The use of these devices is prohibited in all vehicle types operating within the district.

Based on our observations, Washington D.C.'s laws mirror those of Virginia in terms of enforcement and penalties.

radar detector legal in Tennessee

This move reflects a broader concern over road safety and speed regulation, which we explore through topics like what states are radar detectors illegal.

We provide detailed information on their legality in specific states, covering are radar detectors legal in California, are radar detectors legal in Texas, and are radar detectors legal in NY.

Best Radar Detectors

Choosing the right radar detector can significantly heighten your awareness of your driving environment. Escort Radar offers a range of top-tier devices that shine at detecting inbound frequencies.

Here are some of the best radar detectors we offer.

ESCORT Redline 360c

The ESCORT Redline 360c sets the standard for high-performance radar detectors. Offering extreme detection range and 360° directional awareness, this model is unmatched in its capabilities.

Designed for drivers who demand the utmost in speed detection, the Redline 360c provides comprehensive protection. It's engineered to detect radar signals from every direction, giving drivers ample time to adjust their speed.

The device's stealth technology ensures it is undetectable by radar detector detectors, offering complete protection.

In addition to its superior range and detection capabilities, the Redline 360c features built-in Wi-Fi, allowing for seamless updates and real-time alerts from the driving community. This model is perfect for those who want the best overall performance and latest technology in radar detection.

ESCORT MAXcam 360c

The ESCORT MAXcam 360c combines the functionalities of a radar detector and a dash cam into one innovative device. This combination provides a complete driver alert system.

The MAXcam 360c is tailored for drivers looking for an all-in-one solution. The integrated dash cam records high-quality video footage, while the radar detector component alerts to radar and laser threats from every direction.

This dual functionality makes for an excellent travel companion, offering both protection and accountability on the road.

are radar detectors illegal in Tennessee

The device also features connectivity options like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, enabling automatic software updates and access to the ESCORT driving community. With its comprehensive approach to road safety, the MAXcam 360c is ideal for drivers who value both prevention and protection.


The ESCORT MAX 360c MKII is a testament to the continuous improvement in radar detection technology. It offers a robust internal platform, powerful components, and a 50% improved range compared to its predecessor, ensuring lightning-fast performance and a quieter ride.

This model is engineered for tech-savvy drivers seeking advanced protection. The improved range and performance mean that drivers can rely on the MAX 360c MKII to provide early warnings, allowing for more time to react.

Our research indicates that the device's enhanced false alert filtering minimizes distractions, keeping the focus on true detection.

Equipped with a Blackfin DSP chip, the MAX 360c MKII provides rapid processing and accurate detection. Its advanced false alert filtering intelligence ensures a smoother, more enjoyable driving experience. This model is suitable for those who prioritize cutting-edge technology and reliability in their radar detector.


The ESCORT MAX 360 MKII continues the legacy of its renowned predecessor with an all-new internal platform and more powerful components. This top-of-the-line radar detector offers a 50% improvement in range and performance, ensuring drivers have the early detection they need to drive confidently.

Designed for discerning drivers, the MAX 360 MKII features advanced filtering capabilities to reduce false alerts, ensuring that every alert is meaningful. The device's 360-degree detection covers all angles, providing comprehensive protection against all radar and laser threats.

are radar detectors legal in Tennessee

With the inclusion of the Blackfin DSP chip, the MAX 360 MKII offers enhanced processing speed and accuracy, making it an ideal choice for drivers who demand high performance and reliability from their radar detector.


The ESCORT MAX 3 is known for its advanced filtering capabilities, providing drivers with accurate alerts and minimizing false alarms. This model is designed for drivers who seek reliable and precise threat detection without unnecessary distractions.

The MAX 3 excels in filtering out irrelevant signals, allowing drivers to focus on real threats. Its enhanced radar detection technology ensures that users receive timely and accurate alerts, giving them enough time to adjust their driving.

The device is user-friendly and equipped with intuitive features, making it accessible for drivers of all experience levels. With its balanced performance and advanced filtering, the ESCORT MAX 3 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for dependable radar detection with minimal false alerts.


Our exploration has led us through Tennessee's specific regulations concerning the legal use of radar detectors in both commercial and private vehicles, and we've provided guidance on how to mount them correctly to abide by state laws.

We've clarified the legal landscape beyond Tennessee, particularly in Virginia and Washington D.C., where radar detectors are prohibited.

We then reviewed some of the best radar detectors on the market, showcasing how our products provide drivers with superior performance.

Explore our collection today and find the perfect radar detector at Escort Radar.

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