As Americans Hit the Road This Summer, New Data from ESCORT Sheds Light on Speeding Tickets, Insurance Premiums and More

ticket being issued by law enforement officers

It’s no secret that the cost of auto insurance has drastically increased. In 2024 alone, the average cost of full coverage car insurance went up by 26% -- with some states seeing even larger rate hikes due to factors like rising car repair costs and an increase in disaster-related claims. And with more states implementing automated red light and speed cameras on roads, the need to remain alert and aware while behind the wheel has become not just about safety, but savings as well. 

To better understand the climate for everyday drivers, we conducted a survey of 1,000 US licensed drivers to learn more about how speeding tickets have impacted drivers today. Among the study’s highlights:



smoother operator driver


  • Most drivers identify as “smoother operators” on the road: Meaning they’re calm, collected, and prefer to maintain a steady pace, use signals, yield properly, and prioritize safety above all else. On the other end of the spectrum, 15% identified as “speed demons,” meaning they’re all about pushing the limits on the road.


  • That said, over 40% of respondents have been pulled over for speeding in the past 5 years: Despite a majority of self-proclaimed smooth operators on the road, almost half of drivers have received a speeding ticket in the recent past – with nearly 60% ranking the experience as a level ‘7’ in terms of stress.


  • Of those that were pulled over, nearly 60% weren’t paying attention or don’t recall speeding at all: Pointing to the fact that these occurrences happen when the driver isn’t deliberately looking to speed for the sake of speeding.


  • Of those who received a ticket, 40% said their insurance premiums increased: With over half saying the amount had a noticeable difference of 25% or more. In addition to the rate hike, over half of respondents claimed to have spent $100+ on the ticket alone.


Escort max 4 portable radar detector


The survey conducted in tandem with the launch of our new MAX 4 – ESCORT’s latest radar detector, complete with twice the false alert filtering accuracy of similar detectors in its class, exceptional detection range and a membership to an extended community of like-minded driving enthusiasts connected to share live alerts.

Designed for everyday drivers – or, as the survey found, the “smooth operators” on the road – the MAX 4 is intended to add that extra level of security and awareness so a family road trip or a fun weekend drive isn’t spoiled by a costly speeding ticket.

It’s also the perfect entry product for those that want to dip their toes into the world of radar detectors – but might not know where to start.