Redline Ci 360c: The Most Advanced Custom Install Solution from Escort

Escort's Redline Ci 360c is the pinnacle of custom install radar detectors. With unmatched intelligence, game-changing performance, and complete laser protection, the Redline Ci 360c empowers you to drive your vehicle the way it’s meant to be driven. 

The Redline Ci 360c is designed to provide the highest level of protection against radar and laser signals with timely and intelligent alerts while offering custom installation options for a high-end and discreet look. With its legendary 360° detection, complete laser protection, and 100% stealth capabilities, the Redline Ci 360c provides heightened driving awareness, delivering a dramatically quieter ride. 

Discover the Redline Ci 360c 


Redline Ci 360c Features 

The custom install radar detection solution is equipped with front and rear radar receivers using dual M14 antennas, five all-new VX laser shifters that are 50% smaller than previous versions, and advanced false alert filtering software.  

What sets the Redline Ci 360c apart from the competition is its unmatched intelligence. Combining Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Software Designed Radio (SDR) technology, it offers outstanding range, sensitivity, and filtering against Collision Avoidance System (CAS), Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM), and other false alert signals. The AutoLearn™ Intelligence continuously improves over time, providing you with the quietest ride and allowing you to focus on the alerts that matter most. Also, with True Stealth Technology, you'll have the only truly stealth performance against Radar Detector Detectors (RDD) on the market. 

Plus, the Redline Ci 360c is connected car compatible with built-in dual-band Wi-Fi. Users can connect to the Drive Smarter® companion app, available for both iOS and Android phones, and access ESCORT's patented technology for sharing network alerts from other connected detectors, along with the ability of over-the-air (OTA) software and firmware updates to keep up with the latest upgrades. 

Customizable Installation Options 

One of the unique features of Redline Ci 360c is its customizable installation options. With an installation that can fit and complement almost any vehicle, users can choose exactly how and where they want the display and controller to be installed in their vehicle, creating a truly personalized experience.  

Redline Ci 360c Additional Protection 

Investing in a custom install radar detector solution is a significant decision, which is why the Redline Ci 360c comes with Escort's Triple 3-Year Ticket Protection Guarantee, Defender Database subscription, and Product Warranty. Stay confident and have the peace of mind you need on the road knowing you've got the best product on the market. 

ESCORT's authorized resellers and installers are trained and certified to install the custom install radar detectors to the buyer's satisfaction, exactly the way you want – guaranteed.  

Redline Ci 360c provides you with peace of mind and the best performance on the market plus a custom installation experience that meets your needs. Rest assured that you’ll have a quiet ride with heightened awareness whenever you drive.