What Band Do Police Radars Use

What band do police radars use? We've unlocked the answer.

In this detailed guide, we'll explore the intricacies of X, K, and Ka bands, the different types of frequencies used by police radars, and how our radar detectors can help you navigate these signals. We'll also take a dive into the functionality of radar detectors.

Our discussion will cover the essentials of what each band represents and how our products, designed with precision and expertise, stand as your best defense against unexpected surprises on the road.

Let's begin.

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What Are X, K, and Ka Band?

Let's briefly discuss how does police radar work. Based on our observations, they use various radio wave frequencies to monitor speed. Knowing the differences between X, K, and Ka bands is essential for optimizing your radar detector's performance.

Here are the specifics.

What Is X Band?

Our findings show that X Band is one of the oldest radar frequencies used for speed detection, operating in the 8 to 12 GHz frequency range. While it's less common today, some traffic radars still use this frequency, especially in certain areas or countries.

It's known for its large wavelength, which means it can be detected from a distance, providing early warnings to drivers. However, because of its older technology, it can also lead to more false alerts from non-police sources.

Radar detectors that can pick up X Band signals are still relevant. Being aware of X Band radars allows drivers to adjust their speed, avoiding potential speed tickets.

What Is K Band?

K Band is a more commonly used frequency range for police radar, operating between 18 to 27 GHz. It's a staple in modern traffic speed monitoring because of its effective balance between range and accuracy.

police radars use

K Band radars can offer more precise detections than X Band but are also more prone to false alarms from other sources like adaptive cruise control systems in modern cars.

Modern radar detectors are equipped with technology to filter out these irrelevant signals, improving the accuracy of real threat detection.

High-quality radar detectors, like those offered by Escort, combine sophisticated filtering with real-time data to minimize false alarms while maintaining high sensitivity to real police radars.

What Is Ka Band?

Ka Band represents the most recent and widely used frequency range in police radar technology, operating between 33.4 to 36.0 GHz. This band is favored by law enforcement for its shorter wavelengths, which allow for more accurate speed measurement and reduced visibility to radar detectors.

Ka Band radars are highly effective for speed enforcement but also require sophisticated detection equipment to identify them accurately.

Ka Band's dominance in speed enforcement has made it a primary focus for radar detector manufacturers like ourselves. Advanced models are equipped with detailed segmentation options and enhanced filtering capabilities to accurately identify Ka Band signals amidst a sea of other frequencies.

Best Radar Detectors

Our research indicates that choosing the best radar detector can make all the difference in maintaining your driving awareness and avoiding unwanted surprises. Our detectors incorporate leading technology and user-friendly features to enhance your driving experience.

Let's explore the top models available.

ESCORT Redline 360c

The ESCORT Redline 360c is the pinnacle of radar detector technology, offering unmatched detection range and comprehensive 360° situational awareness. This model stands out for its complete stealth against detection and unparalleled performance in all radar bands including X, K, and Ka.

what band do police radars use

This device is made for drivers seeking the highest level of protection against speed detection devices. The Redline 360c provides extreme range detection, enabling early warnings and increased reaction time. Its 360-degree detection capabilities ensure you're alerted to threats from every direction, offering peace of mind on the road.

But hold on, can police detect radar detectors? They can. However, the Redline 360c boasts 100% stealth operation, making it invisible to radar detector detectors.

This feature, coupled with the detector's advanced false alert filtering, makes the Redline 360c an essential tool for the discerning driver. It balances sensitivity and selectivity, ensuring that you stay informed of real threats while minimizing distractions from non-threatening sources.

ESCORT MAXcam 360c

The ESCORT MAXcam 360c combines the functionalities of a radar detector and a dash cam into a single, powerful device. It represents a complete driver alert system, enhancing road awareness and providing recorded evidence in case of incidents.

The MAXcam 360c is designed for those who not only want to detect radars but also record their driving journey. It's an ideal choice for comprehensive protection on the roads. This device integrates high-quality radar detection with a high-resolution dash cam, streamlining your driving tech into one convenient package.

The integrated dash cam is a standout feature, offering clear video recording that can be crucial in the event of an accident or dispute.

Combined with the reliable radar detection capabilities for which Escort is known, the MAXcam 360c provides a dual-purpose solution that maintains vigilance over both radar threats and road conditions.


The ESCORT MAX 360c MKII elevates radar detection with its robust internal platform and powerful components, delivering a 50% improvement in range and speed detection. It's built for drivers who demand rapid, accurate alerts and a quieter ride free from false alarms.

what band do police radars use

Now, a problem that arises is can police radar you from behind? Their radar is fitted with bidirectional capabilities, but that's not a problem for our detectors.

This advanced detector leverages improved technology to provide faster responses and quieter operation. The MAX 360c MKII's enhanced filtering and range capabilities make it an excellent choice for those seeking high performance and minimal false alerts.

With the inclusion of a Blackfin® DSP chip, this model offers refined processing power, leading to quicker and more accurate radar detections. The improved false alert filtering means that drivers can enjoy a more peaceful driving experience, with fewer interruptions from misleading signals.


The ESCORT MAX 360 MKII, similar to its counterpart but with distinctive features, offers top-tier radar detection capabilities. With its upgraded internal platform and potent components, it ensures drivers have the latest in radar detection technology.

The MAX 360 MKII is designed for those who prioritize performance but may not need all the additional features of the MAXcam 360c. It provides enhanced range and detection speed, ensuring you're well-informed of any potential threats on the road.

Like the MAX 360c MKII, this model is equipped with advanced false alert filtering and a Blackfin® DSP chip, ensuring efficient and accurate radar detection. The focus here is on delivering a streamlined experience that focuses on core radar detection functionalities without compromising on performance.


For drivers looking for advanced filtering capabilities without all the additional bells and whistles, the ESCORT MAX 3 is an excellent choice.

what band do police radars use

The MAX 3 is built for simplicity and efficiency, providing reliable radar detection with less fuss. It's ideal for drivers who want a straightforward, effective solution for speed monitoring without additional features like dash cams or directional arrows.

This model incorporates advanced technology to reduce false alarms, allowing for a smoother driving experience. The ESCORT MAX 3 ensures that drivers remain focused on the road, confident that they will be alerted to genuine radar threats without unnecessary distractions.


Our exploration into police radar frequencies has unveiled the layers of technology law enforcement uses for speed monitoring and how equipped you can be to handle them.

We've walked through the definitions and distinctions of X, K, and Ka bands, shedding light on their operational frequencies and their relevance on the roads today.

Further, we've delved into the realm of the best radar detectors, introducing models like the ESCORT Redline 360c, ESCORT MAXcam 360c, ESCORT MAX 360c MKII, ESCORT MAX 360 MKII, and ESCORT MAX 3.

Explore our range of top-notch radar detectors at Escort Radar and find the perfect companion for the road ahead.

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