Your Passport to Worry-Free Journeys: Introducing ESCORT’s Latest Radar Detector, the MAX 4


With twice the false alert filtering accuracy, exceptional detection range and access to the Drive Smarter® community, the MAX 4 offers best-in-class performance to ensure road trips aren’t ruined by a costly speeding ticket


Escort MAX 4 portable radar detector


CHICAGO – April 30, 2024ESCORT, the leader in premium radar and laser detection and driver awareness technology, today introduced the new MAX 4 radar detector. Part of the growing ESCORT MAX family of radar detectors, the newest product is a driver’s passport to worry-free journeys and unforgettable experiences, with twice the false alert filtering accuracy of similar detectors in its class, exceptional detection range and a membership to an extended community of like-minded driving enthusiasts connected to share live alerts.

In a recent ESCORT survey of 1,000 US licensed drivers, over 40% of drivers have reportedly been pulled over for speeding in the past 5 years, and of those ticketed, nearly 60% claimed they simply weren’t paying attention. With insurance premiums on the rise and more states implementing automated red light and speed cameras, the need to remain alert and aware while behind the wheel is about both safety and savings.

“As summer approaches, more drivers are out on the roads, whether it’s for a family road trip or a fun weekend drive - and nothing ruins it like a costly speeding ticket. Premium radar detectors like the MAX 4 are the perfect entry point for who are new to detectors and want that added security and awareness so they can enjoy the journey and worry a little less,said Jonas Forsberg, CEO of ESCORT parent company, Cedar Electronics. “While these products have historically been considered for the car enthusiast, the MAX 4 is designed for all, complete with unrivaled accuracy against false alerts and exceptional performance on the road.”



Key features of the MAX 4 include:

  • Twice the filtering accuracy for a quieter ride: The MAX 4’s best-in-class performance provides twice the accuracy compared to competing models, providing less distractions on the road so drivers can focus on the right alerts at the right time. Advanced AutoLearn™ Intelligence software also remembers to silence repeated false alert locations so that the detector can get smarter over time.


  • Exceptional detection range with low noise amplifier (LNA): Enhanced LNA technology provides increased sensitivity and detection range so drivers can get notified of what’s ahead sooner.


  • Maximized awareness through the Drive Smarter® app: Through the power of ESCORT’s enthusiast community, drivers can share and receive real-time alerts while on the road, allowing them to contribute to the safety of others and create a collective shield against unexpected obstacles.


  • An elevated driving experience with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ integration: Seamless connectivity allows drivers to keep focus on the road as critical alerts stream directly to the vehicle’s compatible infotainment display.
Escort MAX 4 portable radar detector


Customers who have owned previous ESCORT radar detectors and would like to upgrade can easily take advantage of the brand’s online trade in program. Buyers simply need to purchase a new radar detector via the ESCORT website and add “Online Trade in Program” to the shopping cart before checking out. Additional details on the program can be found here.