ESCORT’s line up of custom-installed radar and laser detection systems gives you the flexibility and customization you need at many different price points. You choose which features best suit your needs to stay alert on the road. They offer discreet installation and plenty of add on features allowing you to expand the system for many other capabilities.

The ESCORT iX Ci Platform gives you an entry level price point and provides a great way for you to implement a new system with the features you need. You have extreme flexibility and add-on versatility. It’s simple to install and provides you with something discreet and easy to use. The display is compact for a clean looking cabin, and is not disruptive to your driving experience.

The iX Ci includes:

  • Display
  • Controller
  • Interface
  • Radar/laser receiver
  • GPS antenna

ESCORT also offers the ESCORT Max Ci Platform with added Bluetooth technology and optional features like ShifterMAX laser shifters and a rear radar sensor for directional radar.

If you prefer to outfit your vehicle with the best, you can go for the ESCORT Max 360 offering advanced digital radar and laser detection. You can seamlessly integrate this system into your vehicle so it is 100% discreet and undetectable. It also features a patented In-Vehicle Technology filter to prevent false alarms.

The Max 360 radar detector includes:

  • OLED display
  • Controller
  • GPA antenna
  • Interface
  • Front and rear radar detector receivers
  • Shifter bridge box
  • Four ShifterMAX laser shifters
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • ESCORT Live app
  • Real-time intelligence and alerts
  • DEFENDER database of red light and speed camera locations