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Company Policies

30 day trial

All of our detectors ordered directly from the factory come with a 30-day money back trial period. Within that time you can return the order for refund or exchange. Shipping charges are not refundable and you will be responsible for return shipping costs.

Is this an authorized dealer

Through customer feedback we have compiled a list of Unauthorized resellers. You can view this list HERE. If you are having doubts about the retailer in question please contact our sales team at the number listed below to order factory direct.

Trade in Program

For factory-direct orders, we have a trade-in program for a limited time. Our trade-in program is designed for older or competitor’s models. You will get a credit toward the purchase of one of our current detectors. Please give our sales team or our web site for more details.

Payment Methods

We accept most major credit cards, Bill Me Later (and PayPal on-line), or you can call in to send a check or Money Order. We do not accept COD shipments. No sales tax will be collected unless we ship within Ohio or Michigan.

ebaY resellers

We are the only authorized ebaY resellers of our products. We do not honor the factory warranty for purchases from ebaY or other auction/bid websites. We setup an E-bay store of our own where you can purchase select refurbished detectors with a 6 month factory warranty. You can view the store HERE.

Virginia shipping

The state of Virginia has banned the use of all radar detectors, but did not ban the right to possess one. We are able to ship our detectors into the state of Virginia.

Plug & Play Detectors

9500ix USB Mode

Remove all cords from the detector and then hold the MRK and BRT buttons simultaneously. While holding them down you would re-connect the power cord. Continue holding the buttons until USB is shown in the display.

Why does my 9500ix show a different speed than my vehicle's speedometer?

A: The 9500ix uses GPS satellite signals to determine your speed. This is a very accurate method of measuring your speed as long as the 9500ix has a clear view of the sky.

Your speedometer on the other hand uses tire rotation speed to measure vehicle speed. Anything that changes the diameter of your tires from OEM/factory will effect the speedometer speed reading. This includes tire wear or non-OEM size wheels/tires being installed on your vehicle.

Please be aware of the following information that will affect the ability of your Escort or Beltronics radar and laser detector with GPS features to successfully lock on to GPS satellites.

  • Mounting close to or under any metallic object will reduce satellite communications. This includes but is not limited to the following:
    • The roof of the vehicle
    • Composition of Rear View Mirrors
    • Windows treated with metallic particles for defrost or other systems (this also reduces radar performance…)
    • Parking garages, urban and mountainous areas can also make satellite communications difficult.

Whenever possible, please make sure to mount your detector in a way that gives it the clearest view of the sky. In some cases you may be able to lower the detector and/or shift the detector closer to the windshield to improve satellite lock.

If your GPS does not lock after a few minutes out in the open or if you get intermittent connection, please use the standard mount and place as low on the windshield as possible and test drive in that mounting position for a few days. If the lower mounting position does not improve GPS communications, please try using in another vehicle to see if a window treatment or other factors are reducing satellite communications.

Band Segmentation Recommendations

RED should remain ON

Turn RDR off. This by itself is the biggest performance boost in both response times and extreme detection range. With RDR active a weak signal has to be found on two or more consecutive sweeps before alerting to threat.

  • Ka1 = 33.392 - 33.704
  • Ka2 = 33.704 - 33.896 MPH 33.8 Ka
  • Ka3 = 33.886 - 34.198
  • Ka4 = 34.184 - 34.592
  • Ka5 = 34.592 - 34.808 Stalker 34.7 Ka
  • Ka6 = 34.806 - 35.166
  • Ka7 = 35.143 - 35.383
  • Ka8 = 35.378 - 35.618 Kustom / Decatur 35.5 ka
  • Ka9 = 35.595 - 35.835
  • Ka10 = 35.830 - 35.998

General Information

Direct Wire ESCORT

We offer two direct wire power cord options for our current models. The standard direct wire cord is 9 feet long. The Direct Wire SmartCord is 10 feet to the detector from the SmartCord Module and the SmartCord Module has 3 feet of wire to connect to power source. The SmartCord will give you a power indicator LED, radar warning light and mute switch.

Direct Wire description

The Black ground wire is fitted with a lug to allow it to be installed under any grounded screw. The red striped wire for +12 volts is fitted with an insulated 1/4" male spade lug. We also have supplied a special 3M connector that allows you to tap into an existing wire in your vehicle. This connector can be used only with wire gauges 14 through 18.

SmartCord description

The coiled SmartCord provides power as well as a green or blue "power on" indicator when the detector is turned on and a flashing red or yellow warning light to indicate radar alerts. It also incorporates a mute button so you do not have to reach for the detector to mute alerts.

Overseas Inquiries

We do not ship outside the US. You may call to place an order be shipped to a friend in the US who can forward the package to you. We do not monitor the frequencies used in other countries, and therefore can not guarantee our detectors will protect you from all of your local radar and laser threats. Our detectors are designed to report use of the following radar and laser frequencies:

  • X- Band = 10.525 GHz +/- 25 MHz
  • K-Band = 24.150 GHz +/- 100 MHz
  • Ka-Band = 34.700 GHz +/- 1300 MHz
  • **Ku Band = 13.450 GHz +/- 25 MHz
  • Laser is 904nm, 33 MHz bandwidth

**Note, not all detectors will detect Ku band signals. For a list of overseas distributors, please use the following link:

Where to buy Canada

Accessory deliveries to Canada are available for phone orders only. We do not ship units outside the US. Please use the following link for unit deliveries to Canada:

Repair no power older models

With our models, if you are getting intermittent or no power at all it is usually caused by the power cord itself. The power cord will be easy to replace. If replacing the power cord does not provide power to your detector, it may need to be returned to the factory for service. For the 9500ix, hold the Power button for 6 – 8 seconds to power up if it does not power-up normally.

Spectre RDD detector-detector

Please note that while all of our current detectors are immune to the VG-2 radar detector-detector (RDD), there is a newer RDD named Spectre that can detect most radar detectors currently on the market. Recently, we were able to incorporate stealth operation into our new 9500ci remote installed system and our new Redline. Independent tests have confirmed these models are undetectable by all RDD’s.

Photo Radar

Photo Radar is a generic term for unmanned speed cameras. Some of these systems are triggered by radar, some by laser, and some do not use radar or laser. The systems that use piezo and non-radar triggers cannot be detected by any radar or laser detector. As with the recent introduction of red light cameras at intersections, there is no radar to detect, so no advance warning is possible from conventional radar detectors.

Our new 9500ix and select installed systems include a GPS module and the Defender™ data base that will give a warning when you approach known speed traps, red light cameras or fixed speed locations. It also allows the driver to block out known sources of false alerts.

Non Radar / Laser

There are a number of devices the police can utilize to measure your vehicle’s speed that will employ neither LIDAR/Laser or radar signals. Known devices of this type such as VASCAR, Photo Radar units, and ENRADD cannot be detected by any radar or Laser/LIDAR detector. The best defense against these devices is to use one of our detectors that includes the Defender™ Database, such as the 9500ix, 8500ci Plus and 9500ci


VASCAR is a Stop Watch and Calculator method of clocking vehicle speed. The operator will hit the stopwatch at pre-designated start and stop points while a computer calculates the time it takes your vehicle to travel that distance. Because there are no transmissions to detect, there is no way for any radar detector to “see” this type of ambush. The best defense against these devices is the 9500ix, 8500ci Plus and 9500ci series and our Defender™ database.

Instant On

In their efforts to increase revenue, traffic police are using "instant on" Radar more frequently than they have in the past. With instant on the officer sets their radar gun in a stand-by mode. In this mode the radar gun will not be detectable by any radar detector. Once the Officer triggers his active radar, your detector will give you an alert.

If you are the “leader of the pack”, or the only one on the road, there may be no advance warning at all. With instant on, you are alerted when the police are “tagging” someone ahead of you. This is why detectors with the longest range are important. You may hear the detector giving short alerts that might seem to be false signals. This is a perfect example of instant on being used ahead of you, and you should proceed with caution.

Ku Band

The FCC authorized the Ku-Band for use in the US over ten years ago. We continue to hear rumors about the introduction of Ku equipped radar guns, but so far Ku-Band is not used for traffic speed monitoring in the US.

Laser False Alerts

It is unusual to get a lot of false laser alerts. However, there are new sources that may occasionally produce false laser alerts. Some vehicles and electrical components generate RF interference. Some examples are honking the horn, using powered mirrors and acceleration.

Some new cell phones, LED vehicle brake systems, and even major airports can caused false laser signals. Some new cars use an adaptive cruise control that is laser-based. Try using in another vehicle to see if the alerts continue. This is generally not caused by a faulty detector and exchanging the unit will probably not eliminate the RF interference. While this is not caused by the radar detector, we have a way to reduce or eliminate most of these false signals.

What is TSR

TSR is our proprietary solution for traffic flow monitoring systems now being used in limited cities to monitor the flow of traffic in and out of major highways and arteries. While this is not used to clock the speed of vehicles, it uses a variation of radar bands that can cause unwanted false radar alerts. Traffic Sensor Rejection software will eliminate most of these annoying false alerts. For a list of areas using these traffic monitoring systems, please use the following link:

No warn Speed Signs

The neighborhood signs are not used to issue traffic citations. As a result, they are not required to calibrate these portable systems, and they will eventually “drift” out of calibration from the FCC authorized frequencies. Our detectors have always been great at filtering out non-police frequencies to reduce the number of false alerts. If your detector alerts to most stationary sources like grocery/convenience stores with automatic door openers and after-hours security systems, your detector is working fine and is not in need of repair based on this experience.


Radar jamming is illegal in every state, and is a FCC violation. With radar jammers there is a simple rule of thumb: if it works it is illegal, if it is legal it doesn't work.

Repair Remote System

Escort Inc. does not have the technical staff available to suggest proper installation or trouble shoot installed systems on every make and model vehicle available. All installation questions, trouble shooting, warranty and parts replacement concerns must be directed to an authorized installer. A list of installers can be found HERE, sorted by state.

Installed Detectors

No warning laser

It is difficult to explain every situation our customers will encounter. Unlike traffic radar, Laser can only be used in the "instant on" mode. The officer can "aim" the gun all day, but until they physically pull the trigger to clock the target vehicle, there is nothing to pick up. Laser is not actually laser, but infrared light. Using laser, the police have a maximum capture range of about 1800 to 2000 feet. At this distance, the Infrared beam has spread of 2 to 3 foot in diameter. They aim at your headlights or your front license plate area. Thus a detector mounted in the windshield mat not be able to see such a small Infrared signal.

To combat this new threat we have developed the shifter systems. With our new shifter system installed into your vehicle you will not only be alerted to the LIDAR threat in your area, but you'll also have time to slow down as shifters can stop the LIDAR gun from acquiring your vehicle's speed.

Vehicle Stop/Start Feature Technical Bulletin from Escort and Beltronics

The Start-Stop feature allows the vehicle to turn the engine off whenever the vehicle is sitting still. These cars use special high discharge batteries due to the high number of times the car is started during a normal trip. These batteries go bad much quicker than normal batteries, typically after about 2 years. When these batteries get weak, the battery terminal voltage can dip to 8 or 9 volts during a start, which is below the operating requirements of most 12v consumer electronics products. This low voltage drop causes an improper or incomplete power reset on the 9500ci. Many installers, and even dealers, are not familiar with the proper procedures required to wire in these and other accessories properly.

We are not the only company facing these challenges. Any electronic device that requires constant 12 volts for proper operation will not function properly in this unstable environment. Our Engineering Department is working on developing and testing a hardware solution to address the unintended consequences generated by the Start-Stop feature. In our searches we found a third-party product owners/installers have purchased to resolve Start-Stop issues when installing other electronics that maintains a constant 12 volt output, even if the input voltage drops to 6 volts.

As a side note, this problem is not unique to 9500Ci remotes. This problem can also affect dash mounted detectors plugged into the cigarette lighter socket(s).

CAN-bus Technical Bulletin

CAN bus power points require additional planning. Many switched accessory lines on newer cars that installers would typically tap into are not capable of supplying enough current or voltage, since these signals come from the CAN bus. Once again, this can cause low voltage or current to the 9500Ci and potentially to dash mounted units which causes the detector to act erratically.

This occurs constantly, and many new cars will be affected, depending on design and what wires the installer taps into. As these cars get more and more complicated, installers need to have intimate knowledge of each vehicle’s electrical wiring to properly install a detector, and many other consumer electronics.

We are designing a relay control module that will hopefully solve this concern. The relay control connects directly to the battery, and uses very little current from an accessory line to trip the relay. Our goal is to have a prototype sample ready to send out by end of 2014. Test modules will be sent to customers with known concerns, and performance will be closely monitored. If all works well, we will build a small number of units, and have modules available to installers when needed.

Summary of Solutions

Vehicles can use the Stop-Start feature and/or CAN-bus power points. If the vehicle battery is in good condition and provides adequate power, the relay control module will allow connection directly to the battery terminals and will maintain appropriate power as needed.

If the battery performance fails to provide adequate power, the relay control will not resolve the drop in voltage. For this situation the third-party module will be required.

When available, we will provide documentation on installations on these cars with applicable pictures, schematics and instructions. Please contact your Escort or Beltronics Distributor or Administrator for details on above procedures.

Pigtail DW installations

If unfamiliar with 12 volt installations we STRONGLY SUGGEST you have this product installed by professional, authorized installers. First set your voltmeter to the continuity setting and follow safety precautions. Find a good ground on the car. Put the black probe on that ground, and touch the back of each exposed wire connector in the mirror harness with the red probe. For each wire that beeps, that means that wire is grounded. Turn the ignition to the ON position, then back to off, and make sure it beeps regardless of ignition position.

Put the voltmeter into VDC mode, to measure DC volts, turn the ignition to the on position. Put the black probe on the ground wire you found earlier using the above procedure. Touch each of the wires in that harness with the red probe, and note which one(s) gives you +12-14 volts, turn the ignition off to verify that the volt readings go down to zero or close to zero. That should define which two ports in that harness into which you would plug the wiretap.

Escort Live! App / Defender / DT

How do I find what version of Detector Tools I have?

Look under the Options tab of Detector Tools Program.

Why are all the “user added” locations check marked in detector tools on the options tab?

The user added boxes are checked by default because typically when someone wants to remove any locations it is the user added markers. Go to the advanced tab and click “remove” to delete any of the “checked” items listed under Options for your detector.

I am trying to activate my Data Base Subscription and it says “email and Serial Number do not match”

You can activate your Database Subscription once you have registered your detector. Please select the product you have from our website using the drop-down box labeled “Product Registration”. Once you register the correct model, you can activate your subscription using the link on the right-hand column of the registration page labeled: “Click here to activate your Database Subscription”.

Detector Tools says my subscription is expired but I know I bought a 3 year subscription

When you first registered your detector, you began a free 90 day trial period for camera updates. Your trial period has now expired. To activate your subscription, go to our registration page and follow the link on the right-hand column, or use the following link: You will need your serial number, database subscription code, and the e-mail address you used to register your detector.

What is the difference between Merge data and Software?

“Merge your data” is used to install the latest DEFENDER™ Database. The update includes the most recent fixed-speed and red light camera information and speed trap locations. It will then merge your added Marked and True-locked Locations with the Defender™ Database. “Software” updates the firmware on your detector. The camera location updates are available weekly, whereas the software updates will be available from time to time, depending on your specific model.

What is a DB subscription code?

When you purchase a subscription renewal, you will be emailed (and/or mailed) a DB subscription code and instructions to activate your subscription online. Once you have this code, you can go to our website and enter information (the DB code, serial number, and the e-mail address you registered the detector with using the following link: /register/iSubupdate.asp It can take 2-6 hours to process before you can update the database.

I just ordered a subscription online, but I still can’t update

It is not instantaneous. Once your order is processed and shipped, the subscription code will be e-mailed (and/or mailed) to you. Once you have that, you can go to our website and enter that code(along with the serial number and e-mail address) using the following link: It can take from 2-6 hours to process before you can update the database.

What does this error message mean?

Unable to validate serial number

Turn off firewalls/spam blockers, confirm active internet connection.

90 day free trial expired

When you first register your detector, you begin a free 90 day trial period for Defender Database updates, and your trial period has expired. You can purchase a subscription renewal by using the following link:

Download interrupted

  • Make sure USB cord does not have a filter or try using another USB cable.
  • If using a 12 volt power adapter, make sure it is 12v and 1000ma/1amp.
  • Make sure you are using the most recent version of our Detector Tools program.
  • Check for an active internet connection.

No detector connected

Please note the following:

  • Avoid using a USB cord that has a filter (identified by ones with a module in-line).
  • Passport 9500ix models that have a serial number beginning with 19 will need an outside source of power. You can use a 12 volt power adapter for the home (12v 1000ma/1amp), or a laptop with active Wi-Fi connection (taken to the car).
  • Make sure you have the most current version of Detector Tools. If not, please uninstall all older versions, & delete any old zip files. Then, reinstall the latest version of Tools from our website.
  • Make sure your detector says “USB” on the screen. If this is not the case, you may need to manually put your detector into . Do this by removing all cords from the detector and then hold the MRK and BRT buttons simultaneously. While holding them down, insert the power supply. Continue holding the buttons until USB is shown in the display. Then proceed with opening the Tools program and complete Merge or Software updates.
  • Try a different USB cord.
  • Make sure you are going straight to a USB port, do not use a hub.

Will Escort Live work with my phone?

While we continue to communicate and work with manufacturers and network carriers, due to the vast number of available hardware configurations some Android customers have reported features that occasionally do not operate properly or have experienced inconsistent operation when using certain brands of cell phones and/or carriers. For example, Motorola customers have stated in some instances the speed limit data may not report properly and Escort Live cords might not adequately charge phones due to their power charging requirement.

Live is compatible with iPhone5 yet some that have updated their iOS to 7 are having errors registering Escort Live. If you are a SmartCord Live user then they can register on our website, instead of through the app, to register and use Escort Live with iOS7. If you are an app only user then reinstalling the app may help. Please log Out of the application before uninstalling and re-installing the Live app.