ESCORT Expands MAX 360 Radar Detector Line with MKII Model


We showcased some exciting new products at the recent MasterTech Expo in Mesa, AZ. The driving enthusiasts at ESCORT are on a mission to make driving awareness accessible to all drivers. Our goal? To make every drive legendary. That’s why we created the ESCORT MAX 360 MKII Radar Detector – all the high-performance features you’d expect in a sleek new design.

Meet the ESCORT MAX Radar Detection System Family.

We have a portable radar detection solution for everyone’s needs and experience level.

    • The MAX 3 is the perfect entry into smart driving. This single-antenna radar detector complements Waze or other navigation apps with our own driving community to increase your awareness on the road.
    • The all-new MAX 360 MKII improves upon the original MAX 360 in every possible way – including 50% improved detection range, faster performance, and a dramatically quieter ride – plus with 360° coverage with dual-antennas and directional arrows to pinpoint the source of the radar signal.
    • The recently-launched MAX 360c MKII adds to the MAX 360 MKII’s performance with integrated dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity.
    • The MAXcam 360c levels up road awareness as a complete driver alert system with stellar detector performance plus an integrated forward-facing dash cam.

    The ESCORT MAX 360 MKII Update Seems too Good to be True. What’s the Catch?

    MAX 360 MKII and DriveSmarter App connection

    The MAX 360 MKII includes the same hardware as the MAX 360c MKII but without the Wi-Fi connectivity. This radar detector is perfect for drivers who many not have a connected car or built-in Wi-Fi in their vehicle or who don’t mind connecting to our companion app via Bluetooth® connectivity. Whether you connect to our Drive Smarter network through Wi-Fi or through our app, you’ll still be able to share and receive radar and laser alerts to help out your fellow drivers, and also have them return the favor.

    The promise of an extended area of coverage and protection is what sets Escort radar detectors apart from any other products. We’re proud to offer some of the best radar detectors with app connectivity on the market, helping you stay alert on the road every time you’re behind the wheel.

    What Level of Performance Can I Expect from the MAX 360 MKII?

    MAX 360 MKII performance Radar Detector

    We didn’t compromise on our legendary performance factors when designing our new MAX 360 MKII. Here’s what you can expect:

          • Exceptional range and sensitivity with the upgraded M13 dual-antenna platform and more powerful components.
          • A dramatically quieter ride thanks to false alert filtering.
          • AutoLearn™ Intelligence that learns to reject repeated false alert locations.
          • True 360° awareness – arrows on your unit’s display screen indicate which direction each incoming signal is coming from.
          • Faster performance with Blackfin® DSP processing chip.
          • Shared network alerts when connected to the Drive Smarter app via Bluetooth.

    Check out the new ESCORT MAX 360 MKII or browse our entire selection of ESCORT portable radar detectors to find your optimal smart driving solution today.