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ALL-NEW Max 360


All New Max 360 provides directional alert arrows (front, side to side and rear indication).

All New Max 360 provides directional alert arrows (front, side to side and rear indication), extreme range, lightning fast response time, pinpoint precision and directional alert display. It's the most advanced radar/laser detector on the market.

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PASSPORT Max2 picture



Built on the award-winning MAX platform, now with Bluetooth built in.

The new standard in ticket protection. Only Bluetooth-equipped PASSPORT Max2 packs the lightning-fast response and sophisticated anti-falsing of #1 rated PASSPORT Max with instant connection to the award-winning ESCORT Live speed-trap app.

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PASSPORT Max picture



Voted the #1 radar detector by Car and Driver magazine when it was introduced last year.

The PASSPORT Max delivers breakthrough radar performance. It raises the bar for the longest range quietest ride and most intuitive design.

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All New PASSPORT picture



The new PASSPORT is the best value in long-range warning.

The new PASSPORT is the best value in long-range warning against all radar guns, including SuperWide Ka-band and "instant-on" encounters.

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RedLine picture



Extreme, all-out performance for drivers focused on absolute range.

ESCORT RedLine provides the longest range for every signal out there. Its twin antennae design allows it to maximize performance by band, giving you the longest warning possible.

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PASSPORT 9500ix picture



Our most awarded detector over time for drivers who want proven performance.

Patented GPS and remarkable artificial intelligence creates one of the most accurate radar/laser detectors ever. You drive. It learns. Enjoy.

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Passport 8500 X50 picture



A great ESCORT performer for budget-minded drivers.

Using the same radar and laser circuitry as the PASSPORT 9500ix, it delivers the best performance for the dollar. Hailed as the benchmark radar/laser detector for your driving needs. Blue Display no longer available.

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SOLO S3 Cordless picture

SOLO S3 Cordless


Patented, battery-powered detector for drivers who need cordless convenience.

No more cords - just place the SOLO S3 Cordless on the windshield or dashboard, turn it on, and you're ready to go. Batteries included.

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Installed Detectors

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PASSPORT 9500ci picture



The PASSPORT 9500ci is completely undetectable to all radar detectors.

The PASSPORT 9500ci is the ultimate balance of long-range performance, intelligent signal processing, simple intuitive controls, and the best overall driving experience ever developed.

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PASSPORT 8500ci Plus picture

PASSPORT 8500ci Plus


Provides blistering protection for all radar bands and ultimate laser protection.

Provides blistering protection for all radar bands and ultimate laser protection with optional Laser Shifters. GPS technology allows you to lock out false alerts at the touch of a finger.

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Laser ShifterPro picture

Laser ShifterPro


The all-new Laser ShifterPro is the most advanced laser defense system.

The most advanced laser defense system available to protect you from unwanted tickets. High performance laser-based "Shifting" transceivers provide the ultimate protection against targeting laser guns.

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