Escort ZW5 Laser Shifter with SmartCord

Laser Protection with SmartCord Included

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Escort ZW5 Laser Shifter with SmartCord Radar ESCORT
Escort ZW5 Laser Shifter with SmartCord Radar ESCORT
Escort ZW5 Laser Shifter with SmartCord Radar ESCORT

Escort ZW5 Laser Shifter with SmartCord

12V Cigarette Lighter Power


Professional Installation Recommended

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Escort ZW5 Laser Shifter with SmartCord
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ESCORT Community

We’ve designed the most accurate driver alert system in the world. Paired with the power of ESCORT Live, you have the ultimate in driver protection. Our exclusive driving community allows drivers to share and receive real-time alerts through the app or when any ESCORT detector senses a threat.

Easy Installation

Powered by a 12v SmartCord, the ZW5 plugs into your cigarette lighter accessory outlet for quick and convenient installation.


Discreet Installation

Maintain a low profile with the ZW5’s covert threat detection and discreet installation.

Convenient Compatibility

The ZW5 is currently compatible with MAXcam 360c, Redline 360c, MAX 3, MAX 360c MKII, MAX 360c, MAX 360, RedLine EX, and ESCORT iXc.

Unrivaled Laser Protection

ShifterMax® laser shifters can be set to “shift” for maximum protection against most laser threats—including the latest variable pulse rate laser guns.


Compatible Detector Required

Compatible with select detectors: Redline 360c, MAX 3, MAX 360, RedLine EX, MAX 360c or iXc


Ultimate Defense

Designed and built to defend against most every laser gun out there.


Simple Installation

Sensors and radar detector communication wirelessly for easy setup.

ESCORT MasterPDP 9500iX


Stay informed. Download the most up-to-date threat locations.


Shift Signals

The ability to shift laser signals lowers potential threats.

ESCORT MasterPDP 9500iX

Optimum Coverage

Sync with two laser ShifterMax sensors for next-level protection.


Join our community of real drivers—an alliance of enthusiasts. Over 100 million real-time alerts shared and received every year. This is the true meaning of ESCORT.

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The Defender Advantage

ESCORT MasterPDP 9500iX

Drive confidently with access to the world’s largest, most accurate database of red light and speed camera locations.

View The Road Ahead

ESCORT MasterPDP 9500iX

Detect them before they detect you with real-time radar and laser alerts from our community of drivers.

Plan Your Journey

ESCORT MasterPDP 9500iX

Get directions, speed limits, and live traffic updates. Optimize your journey and arrive safely—efficiently.

What's In The Box

Included with your ESCORT ZW5 Laser Shifter is the interface, ShifterMax Bridge Box, Two Laser ShifterMax Sensors, and SmartCord.

  • interface
  • ShifterMax Bridge Box
  • Two Laser ShifterMax Sensors
  • SmartCord

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