MAX 360c MKII and M2 Bundle

360° Detection + Video Protection.


Upgrade Defender Database

Bundle your ESCORT detector with the North American Defender® Database subscription to stay up to date with all speed and red light camera notifications directly through your device. .

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Build a complete driver alert system by pairing the M2 smart dash cam with your compatible Escort radar detector. Easily manage your device settings, features, and video footage, all from the Drive Smarter app.
MAX 360c MKII and M2 Bundle

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360° Detection + Video Protection

The Escort MAX 360c MKII takes the legendary performance of the original MAX 360c and improves on it in every way. Featuring all new components, improved detection range and responsiveness, you’ll maximize your driving awareness and satisfaction. Combined with the advanced technology and safety features of the M2 Smart Dash Cam



The M13 platform with dual antennas provides 50% improved detection range and sensitivity



Blackfin® DSP processes signals immediately so you can react with plenty of time



Outstanding false alert filtering effectively reduces CAS, BSM, and other false radar signals



Instantly store, edit and share footage from anywhere with built-in Wi-Fi and instant access to your videos



Sends your emergency contact an automatic text message in the event of a serious accident



Save valuable footage in the event of a bump or collision while parked (hardwire connection required)

Drive Smarter® App

Enhance your experience with the Drive Smarter® app. Download the app for either Android or iOS smartphones and connect with the Drive Smarter community to share and receive alerts from other Escort devices and drivers.
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Shared network alerts

Get advance warning of shared laser and radar alerts from other connected detectors on our network
ESCORT DriveSmarter App Smartphone Screen Live Shared Radar Alert

Device settings management

Easily adjust your features, notification alerts, and device settings on any supported detector or dash cam
ESCORT DriveSmarter Smartphone App MAX 360c MKII Device Settings

Software updates

Download and update your device software through the Drive Smarter® app
ESCORT DriveSmarter App Firmware Update

Multi-device management

Easily control your compatible Escort detectors and dash cams from within Drive Smarter®
ESCORT DriveSmarter Smartphone App Screen MAX 360c MKII Multi-Device Management
ESCORT DriveSmarter App Smartphone Screen Live Shared Radar Alert
ESCORT DriveSmarter Smartphone App MAX 360c MKII Device Settings
ESCORT DriveSmarter App Firmware Update
ESCORT DriveSmarter Smartphone App Screen MAX 360c MKII Multi-Device Management

In The Box

  • MAX 360c MKII Radar Detector
  • Travel case
  • SmartCord USB with Mute
  • Premium EZMag Mount.
  • M2 Dash Cam
  • 16GB Micro SD Card
  • Micro-USB to USB Type-A cable
  • All mounting accessories

Visit MAX 360c MKII page for details on firmware updates here.
Visit M2 page for details on firmware updates here.

Item # 0100059-1


X-band 10.525 GHz ± 25 MHz

K-band 24.150 GHz ± 100 MHz

Ka-band 34.700 GHz ± 1300 MHz

Laser 904nm, 33 MHz Bandwidth


Superheterodyne, Varactor-Tuned VCO

Scanning Frequency Discriminator

Digital Signal Processing (DSP)


Quantum Limited Video Receiver



Highway, Auto, Auto No X, Auto Lo K


Graphic Multi-Color OLED

Bar Graph



5 Levels of Brightness with Full Dark Mode


12VDC, Negative Ground

Escort SmartCord USB Included


1.38” H x 3.25” W x 5.15” L


User Mode: Advanced / Novice

Pilot: Scanning Bar / Full Word

Arrow Mode: Single / Multiple / Band

Display Color: Blue/Green/Red/Amber

Speed Display: On / Off

Cruise Alert: Off / 20 – 160 mph

Over Speed: Off / 20 – 160 mph

Over Speed Limit: Off / Spd Limit / 5 over / 10 over / 15 over /
20 over

Meter Mode: Standard/Standard FR1/Standard FR2/Spec/Spec
FR1/Spec FR2/Expert FR/Simple

Tones: Standard / Standard+ / Mild

AutoMute: Low / Med / High / Off

AutoLearn: On / Off

Units: English / Metric

Language: English / Spanish

Voice: On / Off

GPS Filter: On / Off

Auto Power: Off / 1-8 Hours

Bands: X/K/KN1-KN4/MTR CD/MTR CT/Ka/KaN1-KaN10/Ka-POP/Laser/TSR

K Notch: On / Off


Markers: Other/RedLight/RedLight & Speed Cam/Speed Cam/Speed
Trap/Air Patrol

Clear Locations: Marked/Lockouts/Defender/Format

Wi-Fi: On / Off

Bluetooth: On / Off

Auto Update: Off/Database/Firmware/All

Wi-Fi Update: Firmware/Database

Interface: Mode 1/Mode 2


Please note: Works
with most vehicles. Some late model vehicles such as newer BMWs may have 12v
outlets with non-standard dimensions, preventing full insertion of the
SmartCord plug. Users with such vehicles may consider a Direct Wire kit or
third-party solution. For more information, HERE.

M2 Smart Dash Cam:

FOV: 140°
UPC CODE: 737795406815

The ESCORT M2 radar-mounted smart dash cam requires a compatible detector, detector mount, and cord.

Compatible detectors with no additional accessories required:

ESCORT Redline 360c, Redline EX, MAX 360C, MAX 360, MAX 3, Escort iXc, Escort iX as well as with the previously mentioned radar detectors combined with ZW5/ZR5 laser shifters.

Detectors requiring optional ESCORT StickyCup mounting bracket:

ESCORT Passport X80

Not compatible with the following models and accessories:

ESCORT 9500i, 9500ix, PassportiQ, S75G, SmartCord Live

Please note: Works with most vehicles. Some late model vehicles such as newer BMWs may have 12v outlets with non-standard dimensions, preventing full insertion of the SmartCord plug. Users with such vehicles may consider a Direct Wire kit or third-party solution. For more information, HERE.

M2 Smart Dash Cam:

Q: How do I connect to the dash cam’s Wi-Fi?

A: You don’t need to manually connect to the Dash Camera’s Wi-Fi to download videos. Simply connect the camera to the Drive Smarter app and the app will manage the Wi-Fi connection for you if you need to access the Gallery or Live View

Q: Why am I having trouble connecting the Camera in Drive Smarter?

A: You may have previously established a Bluetooth connection with the camera. If this is the case, please go into your phones OS Bluetooth menu and 'Unpair' your camera from your phone.

Q: How does the dash cam work in Parking Mode and Motion Detection?

A: When you hardwire your Radar detector and camera (using accessory 0010057-2) the camera will continue to receive power when the vehicle is off. This allows the camera to go into a surveillance state where it is monitoring for activity but is not recording. Once the camera detects a G-Sensor impact (someone bumps your vehicle) or motion is detected, the camera will turn on and record a clip for you to review later.

You will then need to connect your M2 to the Drive Smarter app to enable Parking Mode or Motion Detection by visiting the “Surveillance Mode” setting.

Please note, that in “Parking Mode” the camera monitors for G-Sensor impacts (bumps, collisions). In “Motion Detection” mode the camera monitors for fast changes in light such as headlights approaching or a garage door being opened. If you park in a busy area the camera may continue to detect changes in light and continue to record. You can toggle what the camera monitors for using the Surveillance Setting inside the Drive Smarter app.

Q: Does the dash cam record audio?

A: Yes, the dash cam has a microphone to record audio. If you would prefer to not have the audio recorded, go to the settings menu in the Escort M1 app and mute the audio from there.

Q: How does the G-Sensor work?

A: The G-Sensor inside the dash cam detects whenever there is an impact and automatically locks the current video file as an emergency recording so that it is not looped over. When G-sensor is triggered, the camera will announce that the recording has been locked. Please note that you can manually lock the current video file by pressing the multifunction button.

Q: What is loop recording?

A: Loop recording is a typical recording mode for dash cams where the camera continually saves video (usually 1, 3, or 5-minute segments) to the micro SD card. Once the memory is full, it then goes back to the oldest file and records over that file and continues looping so that the most recent video will be saved on the micro SD card. Loop clips can be protected either by the G-Sensor automatically saving whenever there is an impact or by manually pressing the power button to ensure that the clip is not looped over.

Q: How do I get the video off the dash cam?

A: There are a few ways to get dash cam footage off the dash cam.

Connect the dash cam to the Drive Smarter app and download directly to your smartphone. You can also plug the dash cam into your computer with the included micro USB cable and download directly.

Q: How much video can be saved on the micro SD card?

A: Recording times can vary, but in general the 16GB card included with the Escort M2 will hold about 2 hours 40 minutes of 1080p video.

Q: What is the largest size micro SD card I can use with the Escort M2?

A: Up to 128 GB

Q: What is the kind of micro SD card I can use with the Escort M2?

A: A 16GB SD card is included and with loop record capability the camera never runs out of space for new recordings. If you’d like to upgrade a Class 10” High Endurance cards or better is recommended; with 128GB of capacity or less. Due to constant video recording, we recommend “Class 10” High Endurance cards or better from reputable brands (examples: SanDisk, Western Digital)

SD Card size and time

When recording at 1920x1080 @ 30P with audio:

8GB = 80 minutes (1 hour, 20 minutes)

16GB = 160 minutes (2 hours, 40 minutes)

32GB = 320 minutes (5 hours, 20 minutes)

Q: How do I update the firmware?

A: The Drive Smarter app will notify you that a new firmware is available when you connect the Dash Cam, you can

Q: My dash cam is telling me to “Format the Micro SD Card”, what should I do?

A: There are a few errors that could be occurring. Check that there is a micro SD card in the dash cam. Check that the micro SD card is aligned properly in the dash cam. If there is still an error after checking 1 & 2, connect the dash cam to the Drive Smarter app and go to the settings menu to format the micro SD card. Please note, all videos will be erased from the micro SD card when formatting is complete. If there is still an error after formatting the micro SD card, you may have a faulty micro SD card. Please replace with a new micro SD card, we recommend using a Class 10 micro SD card.

Q: Why does my Android smartphone lose its data connection when connected to M2 via Wi-Fi?

A: When you connect your Android smartphone to the M2 dash cam it creates a direct Wi-Fi connection between the two devices. When this happens the Android device loses its other network connections. To resume other network connections. If you exit the app your phone will be connected again.

A: We do not have a specific video viewer program for Windows or Mac, but the video files are saved as .MOV and can be played back on most native video players.

App shows device is "Out of Range" even though I am sitting right beside it.

Please confirm you have Bluetooth turned on, on the smartphone. Confirm that the device is powered on, turned on completely, and is responsive to button presses. The app scans for devices periodically, so user can try waiting for a minute or so for initial connection. Typically, device is seen in 5-10 seconds but there may be differences based on the OS/ version / hardware. Try tapping on the tile showing the Device under the "Vehicle" to refresh its status. Android Users: Check that Drive Smarter’s location permissions have been set to “Allow All the Time”. Certain versions of Android prevent automatic Bluetooth connectivity when this setting is disabled or set to “While Using the App”. This can be changed by going to your phone’s permission (Settings > Apps >Drive Smarter > Permissions > Location > “Allow All the Time”)