Features of the Best Radar Detectors

ESCORT radar has been synonymous with premium, high-performance detection and protection products for years. Over time, our new radar detector technology has improved with advanced engineering and improved user-friendliness to create unrivaled products. Looking for the best radar detector? Look no further. Here are some of the unparalleled features ESCORT offers in our radar detectors and driver alert systems.


AutoLearn™ Intelligence


ESCORT radar detectors with the AutoLearn feature include a GPS chip. The GPS chips work in combination with our radar detection software, enabling the radar detector to provide an ever-improving experience by learning to reject repeated false alerts from specific locations. For example, say you’re driving past the automatic doors at a grocery store. Since automatic doors are radar-based, an average radar detector would continue to push out an alert each time you drove past the doors in a parking lot. However, the AutoLearn software will recognize this location and the false alert signal after only 3 times of passing the doors and will record and silence any future alerts from this specific grocery store location.

You can also push a mute button to manually lockout a false alert. Let’s say there’s a common speed trap on your commute and you don’t want to be notified each time you approach. Simply pressing a button 3 times on your ESCORT radar detectors smart cord means your device won’t send you an unnecessary alert when you’re already aware of a situation.


Stealth Technology


Redline 360c Radar detector Stealth technology


Stealth technology, or anti-radar radar technology, is a capability that prevents radar detectors from being detected. Radar stealth technology is legal and ensures that you stay anonymous. This works differently than laser shifters or jammers, since jammers interfere with the original laser signal while stealth features aim to be undiscoverable. Radar detector use is legal everywhere across the U.S. other than in Virginia and D.C., but for those looking for ultimate discretion, advanced stealth technology can keep others from recognizing their use. It should be noted that there are multiple definitions of stealth - true stealth guarantees that you will not be recognized by radar detector detector (RDD) technology.


Directional Awareness


 Maxcam Directional awareness


Radar detection itself is helpful, but knowing what direction the radar signal is coming from is particularly useful for context and situational awareness. Whether police or speed traps are in front of, behind, or to the side, directional awareness helps drivers recognize where to pay attention and how to react appropriately. Radar signals are emitted in waves, unlike laser which is a direct beam, so the best radar detectors will incorporate advanced software that can decipher the strength of the radar signal based on its direction.


IVT Filtering


IVT (in-vehicle technology) filtering was created to improve performance and reduce false alerts from newer vehicles that incorporate Collision Avoidance Systems (CAS), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) or Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) technology. Since newer model vehicles use collision detection and blind spot assistance that implements similar radar to police, it can create confusion for radar detectors. With IVT filtering, ESCORT detectors have been modernized to be able to recognize the frequencies of new vehicles compared to police radar. Continuous software updates means that our radar detectors stay up to date with the newest vehicle model frequencies to keep false alerts at bay.


Database and App Integration


App integration ESCORT radar Drive Smarter 


When you’re investing in a high-performance radar detector, you’re relying on technology to provide instant traffic reports. ESCORT radar devices operate on the most current information provided by a weekly updated database, offering a significant advantage for loyal consumers since most competitors only access updates a couple of times a year. ESCORT’s Defender Database comes preloaded and can be conveniently and easily updated with a WiFi connection with certain models.

Proprietary apps like ESCORT Live allow drivers to see real-time updates from the community, navigate a journey with life traffic updates, and change radar sensitivity settings to customize their experience on the road. To participate in crowd-sourced updates, drivers can submit flags or more detailed notes through the simple press of a button, quickly notifying others on the road of traffic alerts.


Advanced Mounts and Smart Cords


Advanced mounts and SmartCords


Leaving electronic equipment on display in an unattended vehicle can be seen as an invite for unwelcome attention so being able to easily remove your radar detector is crucial. Strength, durability, and ease of use are major factors that can impact how quickly a detector can be mounted and unmounted. Advanced mounts are designed for discretion and longevity, regardless of sun exposure or extreme cold. Keep in mind that where you mount your radar detector matters in some states so abide by local rules when installing a device on your windshield.

Another feature of new radar detector technology that significantly improves user experience is a smart cord with accessible buttons. These give drivers the quick access needed to implement manual changes to their device without having to reach across their vehicle windshield. ESCORT’s smart cord includes a power light, alert light, and mute button.

Debating which radar detector is right for you? Check out advanced new radar detector technology in the ESCORT Redline 360c, our best radar detector.