Upgrade to a Radar Detector with a Dash Cam

You're going places – you've got the car, you love the open road, and you're ready to take on the world. You're someone who loves having all the information you need to make smart choices and you've installed a high-performance radar detector in your car to help you stay alert and aware on the road. But there is another level of protection to consider – an integrated radar detector with dash cam solution. By using a combined system, you'll enjoy all the detection benefits you value in your radar detector, enhanced with the added protection of a camera that's always recording the road ahead. Gift yourself a complete driver alert system.

What Are the Benefits of a Dash Cam-Radar Detector Combo?


MAXcam 360c Daytime view


Of course you can buy a standalone dash cam to place near your ESCORT radar detector and get the benefits of detection and video protection. Many inexpensive dash cams are available to buy that will record the road ahead. However, when you upgrade to an integrated radar detector with dash cam as a single device, you can enjoy added benefits:

  1. Fewer devices and fewer cords – While an external dash cam may work perfectly fine, it does require more space on your windshield and may obstruct your view. You should also be careful not to place the 2 devices too close to each other in case the dash cam interferes with the radar detector’s performance. Plus, you will need to deal with additional cables and cords to ensure that all parts of the system are connected and powered. With a combined radar detector-dash cam, everything is one convenient unit.
  2. One unified control system – When the camera and detector are part of the same device, your device buttons and controls are consolidated, making using your driver alert system simpler and more intuitive. Two separate units require learning and managing two separate systems, which can be inconvenient while driving.
  3. Capture video footage of every incident – With a unified dash cam-radar detector combo, you will be confident that any incident on the road, whether it's an accident, a dangerous driver, or another situation is recorded and saved. ESCORT radar detectors alert you to red light camera locations, which oftentimes are put in place because of the number of historical accidents in that location - so you’ll benefit from knowing of a possibly dangerous intersection as well as having any incidents captured on video in the unfortunate event of an accident happening. G-sensors automatically lock footage when a potential accident is detected, and you can quickly protect a video clip with the push of a button.

Why You Need a Smart Dash Cam


MAXcam 360c Quad HD Dash Cam Video


Of course, you already know why it's essential to have a dash cam in your car, providing added evidence in case of an accident or other incident on the road. But there are many other reasons why choosing a smart dash cam, connected to the cloud, is the intelligent decision.

To work effectively, a dash cam is always on while your vehicle is running, recording everything in its view in short clips that can last a minute or more. When the camera senses a possible accident – or when you push the button to do so – the camera "locks" the video clip from the moments before the incident, providing video evidence of what was happening before the incident took place. Dash cams work using loop recording; older, unlocked video clips are recorded over with new footage, allowing the camera to continue recording for an extended period of time.

With a smart dash cam, the emergency video footage is uploaded to the cloud, allowing you to view, save, and share clips nearly instantaneously using the associated app. Without this connection, you would need to remove the SD card from the camera (or, in some cases, remove the camera itself), plug it into a computer, and export the footage. Smart functionality makes it much easier and more practical to access your footage. You can typically also manage your device with the app. In addition, an app like Drive Smarter connects you with a community of users who provide real-time updates on road conditions, speed traps, red light cameras, and more.

Radar Detector-Dash Cam Advantages


MAXcam 360c Dash Cam and Radar Detector Combo


Let's look at the features of the MAXcam 360c and how they help this device deliver exceptional detection and video performance.

    • Exceptional detection range and sensitivity: The radar detector in the MAXcam 360c is powered by Blackfin 706 DSP and SDR AD 9363 chips, which provide exceptional detection range performance. These are the same chips as those you'll find in our flagship Redline 360c radar detector.

    • High resolution + excellent low light performance: The dash cam uses the Sony Starvis sensor and Ambarella SoC chip to deliver 1440P resolution, often called "Quad HD" because it provides 4 times more resolution than 1080P HD. It captures 78% more pixels for enhanced clarity for a clear view of the road.

    • Smart safety and security: Enjoy peace of mind with Emergency Mayday alerts that notify your chosen emergency contact after an accident, Parking Mode to capture video when you're away from your vehicle, and incident reports to make filing insurance claims easier.

    • AutoLearn™ Intelligence: A quality radar detector never stops learning. With AutoLearn™, the GPS, In-Vehicle Filtering Technology (IVT), and AutoSensitivity are continuously learning and updating to reduce or silence false alerts.

Upgrade your device to a complete driver alert system and enjoy the exceptional detection and video protection you deserve. A high-performance radar detector with dash cam, like those available from ESCORT, is a product that’s engineered for excellence.