ESCORT Radar Introduces First Dash Cam

LAS VEGASOct. 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- ESCORT, the leader premium radar and laser detection technology, is introducing its first dash camera, the ESCORT M1. This full HD resolution dash cam records video of the road ahead with crystal clear clarity and integrates into existing windshield-mounted ESCORT radar and laser detectors, eliminating the need for additional windshield space or extra power outlets.  The combination of premium detection and video capture technology gives ESCORT users the ultimate in awareness and information to protect them while on the road.

The ESCORT M1 is optimized using Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology for the best possible quality in light and dark road conditions.  In addition, its extra wide field of view captures everything on the road in front of the vehicle and in the lanes around it.  Compatible with most ESCORT windshield-mounted radar & laser detectors, the M1 attaches to the StickyCup or MagMount windshield mounts and plugs directly in to the side of the ESCORT detection unit. 

The M1 is constantly recording so users never miss important moments.  An integrated G-shock sensor automatically creates emergency recordings in case of an accident or impact.  Users can also save video files on demand by activating the emergency recording button on the camera.  The ESCORT M1 app lets users manage both camera settings and their video content.  Using the app, videos and still images can be downloaded from the M1 to their smartphones, so they can be edited or shared with friends, family or other third parties like insurance providers.

"The ESCORT M1 enables both current and new ESCORT users to integrate driver alert and detection technology with video capture into a single, small section of the windshield," said Manuel Jaime, Chief Technology Officer of Cedar Electronics. "With the combination of these two devices into one integrated system, we've raised the standard of what it means to be protected out on the road."

The ESCORT M1 is available now exclusively at General availability through Authorized ESCORT Resellers is scheduled for early 2019.


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