Gifts for Drivers & Car Enthusiasts

This Father’s Day, give a gift designed to make time behind the wheel even better. From the latest technology to tools and gadgets, there’s a huge selection of automotive products to surprise the dad in your life. This year, you can give a gift that's more than just a physical item – give the peace of mind a car accessory can provide. Car enthusiasts can all appreciate a gift from ESCORT Radar, whether that be a radar detector, laser shifter, or an accessory dash cam.

A smart radar detector can be a game changer in driver awareness. The options below all serve to enhance drivers’ understanding of road hazards they may face, allowing them to make smart decisions and adjustments to their driving style when necessary.

High-Performance Gifts for Car Lovers

Vehicle accessories improve the driving experience and make time on the road even more enjoyable. Whether you’re making a purchase for a car enthusiast with a high-performance lifestyle, or simply want to improve dad’s commute to work, ESCORT Radar’s premium products are designed with unparalleled technological features. Here are some fan-favorite options.


ESCORT Redline 360c

ESCORT Redline 360c


    • As one of the most advanced radar detectors on the market, it’s no surprise that the Redline 360c is hard to keep in stock. With nearly twice the range as other radar detectors and TotalShield technology (invisible to all radar detector detectors), drivers can stay completely anonymous on the road. You’ll get more processing power, GPS enabled location accuracy within 2.5 meters, and over 100 million real-time shared community alerts via the ESCORT Live app.


ESCORT MAXcam 360c


    • Can’t decide whether to purchase a radar detector or dash cam? You don’t have to choose just one. The MAXcam 360c is engineered to deliver exceptional radar detection and dash cam video protection in one complete driver alert system. With built-in WiFi, the unit can notify drivers of ticket threats in real-time, using the Drive Smarter(R) app and Defender™ Database, plus 360° awareness keeps drivers aware of potential hazards from all angles, whether that’s behind them or ahead. IVT filtering™ and AutoLearn™ Intelligence improves the longer the driver alert system is in use - working to reduce repeated false alerts and improve each driving experience.





    • With built-in Wi-Fi, the MAX 360c is the first radar and laser detector designed for the connected car; alerting drivers of ticket threats in real-time. Plus, product software will stay up to date with automatic software updates via Wi-Fi. With incredible protective features, like Intelligent speed sensitivity, GPS-connected ™ Intelligence, and the option to personalize settings, it’s no wonder that Gear Patrol dubbed it the best radar detector on the market.


max 360



    • With directional awareness and alert arrows, the MAX 360 can inform drivers what threats lie ahead, to the side, or behind them. You’ll get superior performance and protection that will provide years of reliable service. Plus, the MAX 360 is easy to install and set up in your vehicle, so no matter what you’re driving, you can take along your radar detector.


max 3 and m2



  • The MAX 3 radar detector is a great option for drivers who want to build a driver alert system since it’s compatible with theM2 dash cam and ESCORT laser shifters. Since the MAX 3 has premium range and advanced filtering to limit false alerts when it’s paired with a dash cam, you’ll enjoy the benefits of an advanced driver alert system.

There’s good reason why our radar detectors sell so quickly – these high-performance gifts for car lovers provide superior driver awareness and safety, revitalizing the driving experience. Due to incredibly high demand, the best way to stay informed is to sign up for availability notifications for products that are currently out of stock. If you can’t purchase the radar detector you want this Father's Day, these gift ideas are great for an upcoming birthday or holiday.

For drivers who already have a radar detector, consider gifting a product that provides another level of protection – a laser shifter. Laser shifters are discrete and offer protection against laser guns. Top of the line laser shifters can even give drivers an edge against new variable rate pulse guns. Being incredibly popular, both the ZR5 and ZW5 can be difficult to attain, so sign-up to receive a notification of when they’re likely to be back in stock!