How Driver Alert Systems Help You Drive Smarter

Whether your daily commute is just a few miles down the road, you regularly drive all around the city, or you're a road warrior who is happiest behind the wheel, being aware of road conditions, the presence of law enforcement, and other potential traffic hazards is key to driving smarter. Not only does a speed trap or red light camera mean the risk of a ticket, they can increase traffic congestion, cause unexpected slowdowns, and lead to driver frustration. A good driver alert system can keep you informed of upcoming ticket threats and traffic issues, and it give you the video protection you need should an accident or other incident occur.


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) annual report, there were more than 6.7 million police-reported motor vehicle traffic crashes in 2018, with 36,560 fatalities and more than 2.7 million injuries. A driver alert system not only keeps you informed about speed cameras and similar inconveniences, it keeps you aware of situations that could turn into serious incidents.


What Is a Driver Alert System?

A driver alert system should include the following:  

  • A Wi-Fi enabled radar detector with high accuracy
  • A smartphone-enabled dash cam with 1080p resolution and continuous recording


And should an incident occur, whether it's a collision, a dangerous driver, or a traffic stop, having a Wi-Fi enabled dash cam will allow you to save, download, and share videos easily. Your camera should include continuous loop recording, capturing everything that happens on the road, and the ability to lock and save videos easily.

Your radar detector and dash cam should have integrated technology that allows them to work together and connect to real-time alerts and live updates. For a driver alert system to be effective, it needs to have as much accurate, up-to-date information as possible so that it can alert you to ticket threats and other traffic problems that may affect your drive. 

How Does a Driver Alert System Help?

A driver alert system helps you stay safe and aware on the road by providing you with real-time, relevant information about the world around you. When you know where red light cameras are located, for example, not only will you be prepared to stop, but you can also be on the alert for other drivers who might brake suddenly or unexpectedly. Knowing that law enforcement officers are present on a particular road or at an intersection not only can help you avoid a speeding ticket,it can prepare you for the traffic slowdown and allow you to change lanes and move away from cars that may be on the shoulder, reducing the risk of collisions.

As part of your driver alert system, a smartphone-enabled dash cam helps by giving you video proof of any incidents. Our memory isn't always perfect, especially in a high stress situation such as a car accident. Having an integrated dash cam with automatic collision detection and emergency recording features can give you a clear, objective view of the situation. Should a traffic incident occur, a dash cam video can show if you took measures to avoid a collision or if something outside of your control, such as an animal in the road or another driver's actions, contributed to the situation. A built-in microphone adds to your driver alert system by adding more context to a video and picking up voices that may be outside of the camera's video range.


How Else Can I Drive Smarter?

Driving smarter is all about having as much useful, reliable information as possible. Adding a trusted source of up-to-date data on the presence of law enforcement, red light cameras, and other potential areas of risk can help you make smarter, safer decisions. As part of your driver alert system, you should join an online driving community and download an app, such as the ESCORT Live App, that's focused on providing accurate, real-time data on speed limits, speed cameras, red light cameras, mobile cameras, air patrol zones, and more.


A good radar detector will help you stay aware of many of these hazards, but knowing what to expect in advance lets you make better informed decisions. This is especially true when you're driving in unfamiliar areas. Incorporating a driver community app into your driver alert system can help you avoid traffic problems and ticket threats.