The Launch of the All-New MAX 360c MKII



New features include 50% improved range, faster response times, and advanced false alert filtering software for a quieter ride.




CHICAGO – September 20, 2022 – ESCORT, the leader in premium radar and laser detection and driver awareness technology, today introduced the MAX 360c MKII, the successor to the best-selling original MAX 360c. Engineered for driving enthusiasts and everyday commuters who desire increased road awareness and intelligence, the new MKII radar detector builds upon the legendary performance of ESCORT’s MAX family line – with upgraded functionality that includes 50% improved detection range, faster response times for alerts, and better false alert filtering software so drivers can detect threats at a greater range and with more time to react accordingly.


As traffic deaths have hit a 20-year high and more states investing in traffic safety and patrols, it’s more important than ever to increase awareness of what’s on the road ahead with technology that can help people drive safer.


The MAX 360c MKII is designed for the driver that needs advanced safety features and introducescompletely redesigned internal hardware to provide next-generation performance, including improved detection range from an upgraded dual-antenna platform, much faster signal processing with a new Blackfin® DSP chip, connected car compatibility with dual-band Wi-Fi, and a dramatically quieter ride with advanced false alert filtering software that reduces Collision Avoidance Systems (CAS), Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM), and other false radar signals.


Other notable features include GPS-based AutoLearn™ Intelligence, which learns routes and rejects repeated false alert locations as well as integration capabilities with additional Escort products such as the ESCORT M2 radar-mounted smart dash cam and ZR5/ZW5 laser shifters.


“The original MAX 360c set a new standard for radar detectors when it launched 5 years ago – which is why it quickly became one of our top-selling products,” said Gail Babitt, CEO of Escort parent company, Cedar Electronics. “As technology has evolved, our US engineering team leveraged and improved upon all the features that made the MAX 360c so successful. Pushing the boundaries once again, the new MAX 360c MKII has been completely reengineered to improve performance so that drivers can feel confident about reaching their destination quickly – and safely.”


The ESCORT MAX 360c MKII is available now on, and, in October, at most Best Buy locations nationwide for $699.95.

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