Where to Mount Radar Detector

Where to mount radar detector matters. Every driver must make sure they're maximizing the device's effectiveness.

In this article, we will explore various strategies for mounting radar detectors, including high on the windshield, low on the windshield, in the center, under the rearview mirror, and even in the grill.

We'll also discuss the implications of mounting behind tint strips or dots on the windshield and the importance of pointing the detector straight forward.

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What this article covers:

Where to Mount Your Radar Detector

We're about to show you the various mounting positions within your vehicle, each offering advantages in terms of visibility, accessibility, and performance.

Mounting It High On The Windshield

When you mount your radar detector high on the windshield, you're optimizing its range of detection.

This position allows the device to have a broad view of the road, minimizing obstructions from your vehicle's hood or wipers. It's also a subtler placement, making the device less conspicuous.

Mounting It Low On The Windshield

Placing your radar detector low on the windshield is an alternative that might be preferred for easier access. This position can make it simpler to reach your device and adjust settings without stretching.

Yet, be aware that mounting it too low might limit the radar signal's reach and could be blocked by the hood of your vehicle.

Always avoid positioning your radar detector behind windshield wipers or solid objects that can obstruct its sensor's view.

best place to mount radar detector

Mounting It In The Center Of The Windshield

Central placement of your radar detector is ideal for a balanced detection range.

This location offers an even distribution of the radar's capabilities across the road, aligning the device with your line of sight for easier monitoring and adjustment.

Make sure that the device is set up so it doesn't block your view while driving. The central position should also not interfere with any other dashboard technology, like GPS or vehicle control systems.

Mounting It Under Your Rear View Mirror

Using the space under your rearview mirror for mounting your radar detector can help keep it out of plain sight while maintaining an unobstructed view of the road ahead.

This spot is often ideal for avoiding interference with any sensors or cameras and helps maintain a clean and uncluttered dashboard.

This placement also positions the radar detector close enough for easy access, allowing for quick adjustments without causing significant distraction.

Mount It In The Grill

For those seeking a more discrete installation, mounting the radar detector in the grill of your vehicle is an effective alternative.

This option keeps your windshield clear and the detector less noticeable to outside observers.

That said, this type of installation is more complex and typically requires professional help to ensure that it's done correctly. Keep in mind that being closer to the road might expose the detector to more elements.

This means it will require regular maintenance to keep it clean and functional.

What About a Tint Strip or Dots on the Windshield?

When considering where to mount your radar detector, it's important to avoid any areas of the windshield that are covered by a tint strip or have decorative dots.

These features, while aesthetically pleasing or useful for reducing glare, can diminish the effectiveness of your radar detector by blocking or distorting the radar signals.

best place to put a radar detector

For optimal performance, choose a clear section of the windshield, like those mentioned earlier, for mounting your radar detector.

Make Sure Your Radar Detector Is Pointed Straight Forward

For a radar detector to function at its best, correct alignment is key. The detector should be mounted so that it points directly forward, parallel to the direction of travel.

Even a slight deviation in the angle of your radar detector can impair its ability to detect radar signals effectively.

Over time, vibrations from the road or adjustments made during cleaning could shift the detector out of its optimal alignment. Regular checks are recommended.

Using adjustable mounts that allow for fine-tuning the angle can help maintain the perfect alignment needed.

Best Radar Detector Mounts

At Escort Radar, we design radar mounts that hold your detector securely in place, even on the bumpiest of roads, while allowing for easy adjustments as needed.

Our findings show that they are easy to detach, allowing you to store the detector when not in use.


Our EZ Mag Mount is a standout option, featuring a stickycup attachment system that allows for quick and secure mounting and detachment.

This mount is designed for ease of use and robust attachment, keeping your radar detector firmly in place regardless of road conditions.

It's compatible with various models, like the Escort IX, Escort IXc, and Max 360c, and many more.

ESCORT Windshield Mount With Suction Cups

The ESCORT Windshield Mount utilizes suction cups to offer a reliable and reusable mounting solution.

Based on our observations, this flexibility allows for easy positioning and repositioning on the windshield, compatible with most smooth surfaces.

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ESCORT StickyCup (Traditional)

Like the others, the ESCORT StickyCup (Traditional) uses a stickycup that adheres to windshield glass.

This mount offers a semi-permanent solution that is robust against temperature changes and vibrations, stabilizing your radar detector.

It's easy to install and remove, providing a hassle-free experience without leaving residue on the windshield.

Best Radar Detectors

At Escort Radar, we continuously innovate to bring you the most advanced radar detectors on the market.

They can help you avoid asking how to beat a speeding ticket caught on radar.

ESCORT Redline 360c

Known for its stealth mode, the ESCORT Redline 360c is known for its extreme range and precision in detecting radar signals.

This model features comprehensive 360-degree detection, warning you about threats from every direction. It also incorporates advanced filtering technology to minimize false alerts, so that you only receive notifications that matter.

Additionally, it offers GPS-based features like speed limit alerts and red-light camera notifications, for added driving awareness and safety.

ESCORT MAXcam 360c

Our research indicates that combining radar detection with an integrated dash cam, the ESCORT MAXcam 360c provides a dual-functionality that allows for driving documentation while evading radar and laser threats.

It features real-time alerts and records driving footage, offering proof in the event of an incident.

Wi-Fi connectivity allows for easy updates and management of the data, while GPS functionality supports the device's utility with location-based alerts and speed awareness.


Do cell phone radar detectors work? Unfortunately, they can be unreliable. That's where our proven hardware comes in. The ESCORT MAX 360c MKII builds on the success of its predecessor with improved detection range and accuracy. 

This model is equipped with directional arrows to indicate the source of radar signals, helping you understand where the frequency is coming from.

best place to mount radar detector

It integrates seamlessly with mobile apps for real-time traffic and alert sharing among community users, and is equipped with Bluetooth for wireless updates.


Your choice of where to mount a radar detector can influence its performance and your driving experience. Effective placement provides optimal detection of radar and laser signals, helping you stay alert to speed monitoring devices on your route.

We've covered the essentials of mounting radar detectors in several strategic locations throughout your vehicle—from high and low on the windshield to a discreet setup in the grill.

Visit Escort Radar today to find the perfect radar detector and mount for your driving needs.

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