ESCORT Radar & Cobra Electronics to Highlight Mobile Electronics & Specialty Automotive Products at KnowledgeFest 2017

Detection Systems, Dash Cams and JumPacks to be showcased for the 12V specialist market at the ESCORT / Cobra booth CHICAGO, IL – August 10, 2017 –...

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ESCORT Adds Two New Radar/ Laser Detectors to its Dashboard Line of Ticket Prevention Products

The ESCORT SOLO S4 and ESCORT X80 bring updated design and technology to previous popular models Chicago, IL – July 20, 2017 – ESCORT, Inc., the l...

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ESCORT Radar Launches New ESCORT MAX Ci and MAX Ci 360 Custom Install Radar and Laser Detection Systems

The MAX Ci and MAX Ci 360 combine the most advanced technology and updated design to create the ultimate in driver protection and ticket avoidance ...

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