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    Speed Of Light Protection
    The all-new Laser ShifterPro is the most advanced laser defense system available to protect you from unwanted tickets. ShifterPro incorporates true laser diodes to maximize its effectiveness against targeting laser guns. Plus, as new laser ticketing technology is developed, the ShifterPro software is now upgradable using our exclusive Shifter Tools.

    Comes Fully Equipped
    Laser ShifterPro comes complete with an installation guide, twin front-mounted Laser Shifters, panel mounted On/Off Switch, 12-volt Interface with integrated speaker and volume control, modular connections, complete wiring harnesses, and mounting hardware. The Laser ShifterPro is a stand-alone system, and cannot be used to upgrade an exisiting PASSPORT 9500ci or STiR Plus with the new ShifterPro shifters. To upgrade your PASSPORT 9500ci and STiR Plus with the new ShifterPro shifters, please call 800-964-3138.

    The Laser ShifterPro Includes

    Laser Transceivers
    High performance laser-based "Shifting" transceivers provide the ultimate protection against targeting laser guns. Our highly sensitive receiver is constantly scanning for targeting laser guns. Once a threat is detected, our true laser optic design confuses the targeting laser gun within milliseconds, allowing you to check and adjust your speed as needed.

    Software Upgradable
    Our exclusive ShifterPro Tool software allows the Laser ShifterPro to be updated so you're always up-to-date against the latest laser gun threats. Download cable not included.

    Simple and Informative Alerts
    Laser ShifterPro provides both audible and visual alerts. The built-in speaker provides a warning tone once a signal is detected, while the power on/off LED flashes to let you know that it has detected a signal and is transmitting.

    • Front Mounted Laser Transceivers
    • Plug-in Go Installation Using Modular Connections
    • Exclusive ShifterPro Tools Software

    Installation Required
    Professional installation is highly suggested, however you can do it yourself with our easy to read step-by-step instructions.

    Limited One Year Warranty

    This product may be limited or prohibited in some jurisdictions. Check applicable laws before using.

    Still Have Questions? Call 800-964-3138

    The Laser ShifterPro Includes

    Operating Wavelength

    Operating Temperature
      -25°C +80"C
      -13"F +176°F

    Current Consumption
      Dual: 135 mA - 560 mA
      Quad: 185 mA - 611 mA

    Sensor Dimensions
      80.3 mm (W) x 15.3 mm (H) x 22.7 mm (D)
      3.16 in (W) x 0.6 in (H) x 0.89 in (D)

    Control Unit Dimensions
      100 mm (W) x 25 mm (H) x 51 mm (D)
      3.93 in (W) x 0.98 in (H) x 2.0 in (D)

    Sensor Cable Length
      1.5 m + 4.5 m
      4.92 ft + 14.76 ft

    Wiring Harness Length
      1 m
      3.28 ft

    Extension Cable Length
      2 m
      6.56 ft


    What is the warranty period?
    All our products ordered factory direct come with a full one-year factory warranty. We also offer an Extended Service Plan on select models that will provide two additional years of warranty for $29.95.

    Still Have Questions? Call 800-964-3138

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