ESCORT Debuts the MAXcam 360c, the Brand's First-Ever Complete Driver Alert System with Radar Detection, Dash Camera and Companion App

ESCORT sets a new innovation standard for in-car technology that enables smarter and safer driving 

CHICAGO – September 22, 2021 – ESCORT, the leader in premium radar and laser detection and driver awareness technology, today announced the launch of the MAXcam 360c, its first complete driver alert system that combines a high-performance radar detector with an advanced dash camera. Setting a new technology standard for the brand and industry, the ESCORT MAXcam 360c unlocks new, advanced capabilities for drivers concerned about road safety: it provides high-end detection, video protection and access to the all-new Drive Smarter companion app that generates over 100 million shared driver alerts annually.

First-Ever, Complete Driver Alert System

Merging the best-in-class features from across ESCORT’s existing product offerings, the MAXcam 360c heightens driver awareness with the new, all-encompassing driver alert system that includes integrated, hazard detection and video protection. The system offers exceptional detection range with superior video image quality through ESCORT’s advanced software. Intuitive design includes an easy-to-use control knob to access and manage device settings, dual-band Wi-Fi to ensure seamless and uninterrupted connection to the cloud, and quick access to settings through the Drive Smarter app.
MAXcam 360c

Premium Detection and Video Performance

Providing greater detection range and smarter false alert filtering powered by front and rear antennas, the MAXcam 360c includes directional arrows for 360° awareness and ESCORT’s patented AutoLearn® Intelligence, which filters out unwanted fixed-location false alarms to ensure users receive the most accurate information while on the road. Intelligent speed sensitivity in the product uses GPS to adjust automatically so the system is always personalized alerts for a quieter ride. The updatable IVT™ Filter minimizes interference from in-vehicle technology like blind spot monitoring and collision avoidance systems and can be updated to stay current with the latest automotive software. Drivers can also access the Defender™ Database, which allows drivers to get notified of nearby speed cameras, red-light cameras and speed traps.

The MAXcam 360c incorporates quad HD video (1440P) powered by a Sony Starvis sensor to capture 78% more pixels than 1080P cameras and provide drivers excellent low-light performance. Drivers also manage capture content in the cloud, viewing a gallery timeline of videos and alerts, editing and sharing videos in real time, and saving emergency videos automatically generated by the G-sensor activation or via a manual button press. Drivers can also save captured content to a 16 GB SD card. Additional features include continuous loop recording, integrated G-sensor, parking mode and emergency Mayday Alert.
MAXcam 360c Quad-HD resolution

All New Drive Smarter

Operating with the all-new Driver Smarter app, MAXcam 360c users will have access to a robust network of connected radar and laser detector devices generating over 100 million real-time driver alerts annually. The driver community and sensor-based network delivers advanced warning on all traffic and law enforcement cameras, shared radar and laser alerts and speed limit data alerts to keep drivers in the know about potential road threats. Aiming to improve safety and convenience, the app also features advanced emergency services such as Mayday Alerts to help notify emergency services and designated contacts in the case of an accident.

Drive Smarter
“Capitalizing on over 60 years of expertise and our position as an industry leader in the space, we have once again pushed the boundaries on what’s possible in this category with a product that truly reinvents what a driver alert system can deliver,” said Gail Babitt, CEO of Cedar Electronics. “The MAXcam 360c is a product that realizes our mission to empower people to drive smarter and safer, incorporating what we do best with a premium radar detector, advanced dash cam technology, and a community of drivers sharing information to provide maximum accuracy, functionality and, ultimately, protection. Its integration with the new Drive Smarter app also raises the bar to become Escort’s first complete driver alert system leveraging a vast network of drivers and sensors to deliver the confidence in knowing what’s immediately around them on the road.”

The ESCORT MAXcam 360c is available on and for $849.95.


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