Reveal the Road Ahead with the MAXcam 360c

A complete driver alert system is key to helping you drive smarter, but setting up a separate radar detector, dash camera, and community alert app – and making sure they can all work together effectively – can be complicated and time consuming. Fortunately, we have the solution: as of today, we’re proud to announce the introduction of the MAXCam 360c, Escort’s first-ever complete driver alert system. Combining many of the advanced features of our popular Redline 360c radar detector with an integrated dash cam, the MAXcam 360c radar detector-dash cam combo is the perfect blend of hardware, software, and community to create a complete driver alert system that sets a new innovation standard and redefines what driving smarter means.

Maximize Your Drive with a System Engineered for Excellence

An effective driver alert system includes a Wi-Fi enabled radar detector with high accuracy and a smart dash cam with at least 1080P resolution and continuous recording. The MAXcam 360c exceeds expectations, combining a premium, high-performance radar detector with an integrated high-resolution QHD dash cam plus cloud video management. Driving smarter is all about having as much useful, reliable information as possible, so choosing a radar detector with a dash cam that is designed to function as one integrated unit gives you a comprehensive view of the road ahead – and around you.

ESCORT MAXcam 360c driver alert system

Exceptional Range & Outstanding Filtering

Range and accuracy are two of the most important parts of a trustworthy radar detector or driver alert system. You can only drive smarter when you have complete, reliable information on which to base your decisions – and when it comes to your safety, your standards should be high. The MAXcam 360c driver alert system integrates a radar detector and dash cam together, offering exceptional performance in terms of detection range, sensitivity, and processing power with Blackfin 706 DSP and SDR AD 9363 chips (the same ones found in our flagship Redline 360c radar detector). The advanced hardware and software also provides outstanding filtering and accuracy that never stops learning.

With fewer false alerts, you can enjoy a quieter drive that lets you focus on the right alerts at the right time. Knowing where those alerts are coming from with 360-degree directional awareness allows you to react and adjust as needed. You'll drive more confidently when you know what's happening all around you.

Access Video Anywhere with Cloud Video Management

If an incident does occur, you need a radar detector-dash cam that you can rely on to immediately lock and protect video footage of the event. The smart dash cam in the MAXcam 360c not only makes sure that video clips are locked, it includes cloud video management so you can access those clips easily on your phone. With the Drive Smarter app, you can instantly store, edit, and share footage from anywhere, without the need to remove the SD card from your camera. You can see all of your videos in one place, make back-up copies of important clips, and share to your insurance provider or the police as needed.

Share and edit videos with Drive Smarter App

High Resolution Video + Advanced Safety & Security

A high-resolution smart dash cam with cloud video management is the second piece of a complete driver alert system, but what does "high resolution" really mean and how does it help? A camera's resolution tells you how much detail it can record, and a higher resolution dash cam will provide you with a clearer, sharper image. While 1080P is considered good quality, the MAXcam 360c offers QHD 1440P resolution that captures 78% more pixels vs 1080P.

Quad HD resolution - ESCORT MAXcam 360c

This means that, should you experience an incident on the road, this dash cam-radar detector combo will provide you with video clarity you can count on to show exactly what happened. It also has impressive low-light performance with the Sony Starvis sensor and Ambarella SoC chip.

A good dash cam provides you with dependable video of the road ahead, but a great one provides additional advanced safety and security features to help ensure maximum protection for you, your cargo, and your vehicle. An emergency Mayday Alert allows you to set up a designated contact in case of a severe impact, making sure that the right person is notified quickly. Incident Reports allow you to submit claim information and video summaries quickly and easily to your insurance in the event of an accident. And with Parking Mode, a hardwired driver alert system can record video even when the engine is off, capturing footage when the G-sensor is triggered by a bump or impact.

Escort's First-Ever Complete Driver Alert System Delivers Even More

The MAXcam 360c is so much more than the sum of its parts. Along with the state-of-the-art technology mentioned above, this combined radar detector-dash cam offers intuitive controls, plus a continuous learning built-in GPS, IVT filtering, and AutoSensitivity features along with laser shifter compatibility. The dual-band Wi-Fi ensures a flawless connection to the cloud, giving you automatic software updates and alerts – including access to the Defender Database.

With the Drive Smarter app, you'll get access to an easy-to-navigate gallery timeline of your detector alerts and video footage, plus a community of shared driver alerts. We’re proud to introduce the MAXcam 360c radar detector-dash cam as our first complete driver alert system, designed with the newest technology to enhance the safety and security of drivers.