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June 23, 2008 WEST CHESTER, OHIO - Further expanding its technological leadership in the radar and laser detector industry, ESCORT Inc. announced today the next generation of its GPS-powered speed and location intelligent radar and laser detectors, the all-new PASSPORT 9500ix.

"This product will completely revolutionize the radar detector category," said Tim Coomer, Vice President of Product Development. "Although we have developed and incorporated leading edge technology never seen in our category, the customer will be able to simply plug it in and drive. It's just that simple," continued Coomer.

In addition to its class-leading performance against radar and laser guns, the new PASSPORT 9500ix adds an all-new safety camera database and artificial intelligence to automatically eliminate false alarms. "We're excited about these new capabilities and believe that they provide our customers with the best defense against the latest speed measurement devices," said Coomer.

The use of safety cameras, including red light and fixed position speed cameras, is increasing throughout the U.S. and Canada every day. The PASSPORT 9500ix addresses this type of threat by including a pre-loaded database with thousands of these locations stored in its memory. As the driver approaches one of these locations, the PASSPORT 9500ix provides an advanced warning including the type of camera in use. In addition, the PASSPORT 9500ix's database can store speed trap and any other location using its Mark Location feature. "We believe speed cameras will continue to grow in popularity throughout North America. Given their low output power and angle to the road, our customers will have a clear advantage with this detector," continued Coomer.

To make it easy to stay up to date on new camera installations, ESCORT will provide database and firmware updates to its customers through their website. Customers simply connect the detector to their computer using a standard USB cable and log on to ESCORT's website. The PASSPORT 9500ix comes with free updates for 90 days, and annual subscriptions will be available for a nominal fee. Notifications for new updates will be communicated using email.

The PASSPORT 9500ix also builds upon ESCORT's patented GPS technology by introducing a new feature called AutoLearn. "Our new AutoLearn feature is the first artificial intelligence for a detector. As the customer drives, the PASSPORT 9500ix constantly analyzes all signals received and determines if it's a real threat or not. False sources, like automatic door openers and motion sensors, will be locked out automatically. Now the only alerts our customers will get are the ones that really count," said Coomer.

The PASSPORT 9500ix also incorporates ESCORT's exclusive "AutoSensitivity," which varies the radar performance based on the speed of the vehicle. At interstate speeds, the PASSPORT 9500ix's radar performance increases automatically to provide maximum sensitivity. At slower speeds, the sensitivity is adjusted to further reduce unneeded alerts, especially when the customer is not at risk.

"Bottom line, this detector provides the earliest possible warning of real threats, while automatically eliminating false alerts using our new artificial intelligence. It's truly a remarkable device for those who want the very best protection," added Coomer.

The PASSPORT 9500ix will be available direct from ESCORT in July. The suggested retail price will be $499.95. Consumers can call toll-free 800-964-3138 for more information or to place an order.

ESCORT created the high-performance radar detector market in 1978, and has been issued more patents in the radar detector field than all other manufacturers combined. ESCORT manufactures test-winning detectors under the PASSPORT, SOLO and Beltronics brands.

ESCORT Inc. is headquartered in West Chester, Ohio with its principal manufacturing facility located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

For more information on the PASSPORT 9500ix, log on to or for more information on ESCORT's full line of products, visit

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